Snake Game

Snake Game


There are things that never get outdated. Classic arcade games outlived video game technology and seamlessly migrated through desktop to mobile space. Whatever device you use to play, these games keep their peculiar charm and playability.

Snake is one of those long-living games which have been bringing fun to kids and adults for several decades. It is still popular and continues to come again in various remakes. We also have one in our portfolio.

Look and feel of the game

This mobile app is a version of the traditional Snake Game wrapped in a brighter graphics for Android. The snake eats apples placed at random places, grows longer and should not hit its tail for as long as possible.

There are bonuses - gifts and scissors - that appear occasionally at various parts of the screen. Eating gifts brings additional points to the player, picking scissors makes the snake shorter. The longer the snake grows the more challenging it becomes to avoid crashing into its own body.

The snake's direction is changed by swipes. There are such features as a high score table (leaderboard) and achievements which are granted when a player reaches certain game goals. So, the game has everything needed to make it addicting.

  • Snake game mobile
  • Snake game mobile
  • Snake game mobile

Brief of technologies

Our part in this project was building the mobile application using the design provided by the customer.

The app functionality is similar to the Snake game by MstGames, so we took it as a pattern. As the basis for the development we utilized Mr. Nom game from the book "Beginning Android Games" written by Mario Zechner. This defined the selection of LibGDX as a framework for game development.

Development team

Android development: Denis Altukhov, Denis Alekhin, Artem Dubrov
System architect: Dmitriy Kiriyenko
Project management: Tatyana Ryzhkova, Denis Rudenko, Dariya Lopukhina


Snake game is a nice piece of our game programming portfolio. If you want to build a remake of any classic game or have an idea of a unique brand new game, we would love to hear from you.