Software Development Projects

The applications we deliver are always based on a great idea requiring a unique software solution. The scope of our projects ranges from individual apps for private clients to large scale national and international solutions.

  • stav-online

    Stav Online

    web development
    An interactive e-learning platform that fuses progressive educational practices with modern web technologies.
  • agentfolio


    web development
    StreetEasy, owned by Zillow, is a marketplace that lists New York City's properties for sale or rent.
  • askMumm


    mobile development
    Ask MUMM is mobile app that lets people ask friends or strangers questions when it’s difficult to find what people need, or make a choice.
  • Live The Lingo

    Live The Lingo

    web development
    Live The Lingo is an e-learning platform, which includes a virtual classroom designed to help improve spoken English for adults and children.
  • My Medical Guide

    My Medical Guide

    web development
    My Medical Guide – custom solution that automates and digitizes the work of a medical institution.
  • MyNE


    web development
    MyNe – psychology app, that used by mental and medical health professionals.
  • connect


    web development
    Connect is a mental health app that allows users to communicate with others they’re close with, in ways that build relationships.
  • Healthcare Marketplace

    Healthcare Marketplace

    web development
    The Healthcare marketplace connects patients, clinics, and healthcare specialists within a single platform.
  • agentfolio


    web development
    Agentfolio is a powerful collaboration tool for real estate agents and their clients.
  • ebookingservices


    web development is an online service for booking topical vacation packages.
  • turbine-hq


    web development
    Anadea development case about Turbine HQ – web-based employee management system to take care of business admin.
  • dressli


    mobile development
    Dressli is a social shopping mobile application for fashion lovers.
  • listingdoor


    web development
    A SaaS web application for real estate industry with various tools needed to sell homes.
  • Home automation technology

    Home automation

    smart home software
    An intelligent system for home security, communication and entertainment.
  • SpiderDoor


    software development
    SpiderDoor is an app creator for self-storage owners and operators.


    web development
    ERP system to suit the needs of the blast curtain manufacturing company.
  • Vivum Health

    Vivum Health

    web development
    Vivum Health's Clinician App is a medical app that helps doctors make more informed treatment decisions.
  • ontrac


    web development
    OnTrac Resident Manager is an EHR system for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities.
  • GoGoof


    web development
    A multi-tenant practice management software for medical professionals.
  • windhunters


    web development
    A website that provides real time weather forecasts to kitesurfers and windsurfers.
  • CodeCoach


    web development
    An e-learning platform that connects students with certified CS tutors.
  • E-learning system

    E-learning system

    web development
    An e-learning platform that enhances studying through use of interactive tools.
  • Chatboard


    mobile development
    Chatboard is a college based social networking app for students.
  • Viventor


    mobile development
    A P2P lending platform offering alternative investment opportunities.
  • Team organizer

    Team organizer

    web development
    An online platform for sports team management and collaboration.
  • Plei


    web and mobile development
    An app that makes it easy to reserve a soccer field to play with your friends.
  • Coaching app

    Coaching app

    mobile development
    A personal coaching and collaboration app for the British golfing industry.
  • Sports team app

    Sports team app

    mobile development
    A mobile app for tracking activities of recreational sports teams.
  • Agentfolio: mobile apps

    Agentfolio mobile

    mobile development
    Mobile apps have amplified desktop experience for Agentfolio users.
  • Snake Game

    Snake Game

    mobile development
    A version of the traditional Snake Game wrapped in a modern design for Android.
  • getsocio


    web development
    Getsocio is an eCommerce platform for building customizable online stores.
  • Tracker


    web and mobile development
    Tracker is our custom project management software for agile teams.
  • Getsocio Coupon Scanner

    Coupon Scanner

    mobile development
    An app that helps to redeem coupons purchased on Getsocio-based stores.
  • Bulb Fiction

    Bulb Fiction

    mobile development
    Bulb Fiction is a Plumber-like puzzle game for iOS and Android.
  • Learning management system

    Learning management

    web design
    A LMS for training managers, administrators and trainees.
  • Predictive keyboard

    Predictive keyboard

    apple watch app design
    Full QWERTY keyboard for the Apple Watch.