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Blockchain Software Development

We are a blockchain development company. With over 15 years experience developing scalable, reliable and user-friendly web applications, we understand cloud services, AI and IoT solutions better than most.

At Anadea, we turn your blockchain ideas into working scalable solutions. Working with internal stakeholders we take time to understand the business goals and how to design and deploy the most suitable technology stack to solve the challenges your organization is facing.

Blockchain technology is a high-growth segment of the wider tech sector. In 2015 it was worth $315.9 million. Now it is expected to be worth over $20 billion in 2024. It is growing at an astounding compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58.7%.

Businesses everywhere are investing in blockchain. Re-inventing processes, overhauling legacy solutions and finding more secure ways to process complex transactions, transfer data across the value chain and launching new products and services are some of the ways companies are using blockchain innovations.

In 2016, blockchain landed on Gartner’s prominent top 10 strategic technology trends list and PWC called it a “tech breakthrough megatrend” for CIOs. Those trends and adoption rates have only increased since then.

Сommon challenges of developing blockchain IT solutions:

  • A lack of expertise and internal knowledge.

    Overcoming educational and understanding barriers at numerous levels may prevent corporate IT teams and service providers from experimenting with blockchain solutions.

  • Finding a suitable partner.

    A boom in blockchain and bitcoin has brought many scam artists out of the woodwork. From ICOs selling fake coins to “consultants” in the technology, it is a sector that requires caution to enter.

  • Insufficiently developed use cases.

    Not everything in a business would benefit from a blockchain application. Not everyone proposing a solution realizes what is needed to turn it into a valuable asset to your business.

How we can help

At Anadea, we work with our clients to create and implement the most effective blockchain solutions across a wide range of corporate and sector challenges. Your business needs every advantage.

Custom software and applications using the blockchain technology stack gives your organization an edge over the competition. Improve processes, drive forward innovation, make transactions and data more secure, and release new products and services.

Whether you want to overhaul an existing solution, or create a new one, we are here to help. Our team has expertise in mobile and desktop apps, cloud-based and hosted solutions, plus a wide range of hybrid software services. Your team can work directly with the developers, including through the development and testing phase, to ensure that everything works the way you want it and it integrates with all related systems and tools.

As an established software development company we can create any blockchain application your business needs.

Why work with Anadea?

Anadea has been creating tailor-made software applications since 2000 and is successfully creating and deploying several blockchain solutions across the world. We leverage our strong technology expertise to help our clients keep up with the evolving blockchain trends.

  • 15+ years of experience in custom software development. Complete knowledge and expertise of the technology stack that blockchain developers need.

  • 200+ projects delivered, including several blockchain solutions currently being developed.

  • With 4 offices in 3 countries (Ukraine, Belarus and Spain) we can efficiently collaborate with clients across the world; leveraging global talent and local knowledge.

  • Having an in-house team of 100+ IT professionals, we offer full-stack development capabilities and can cope with blockchain projects of any scope and complexity.

  • We offer high quality blockchain development services at a reasonable cost.

You will enjoy our fine-tuned development process, transparency of project management, ease and comfort of communication with our software engineers!

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