The Anadea team

Our clients can be confident about the ability of our software engineers to perform the tasks they assigned to. Each of them is backed up by our team of over 100 experts with all the experience, accumulated during 15+ years in custom software development.

Meet our core crew

  • Alexander mikhalchuk
    Alexander Mikhalchuk
  • Andrey bakuta
    Andrey Bakuta
    Frontend team leader
  • Photo
    Andrey Bulava
    DevOps guru
  • Daria lopukhina
    Daria Lopukhina
    Marketing strategist
  • Darina chuzhova
    Darina Chuzhova
    QA team leader
  • Dmitriy dordovskiy
    Dmitriy Dordovskiy
    Team leader / RoR
  • Evgeniy maslov
    Eugene Maslov
    Team leader / RoR
  • Illya krupenikov
    Illya Krupenikov
    Head of business development
  • Maxim romashchenko
    Maxim Romashchenko
  • Mikhail bilenko
    Mikhail Bilenko
    Creative team leader
  • Slava dodatko
    Slava Dodatko
  • Vera glushkova
    Vera Glushkova
    Head of human resources