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How to Improve UX Writing to Build a Better Product

UX Writing

With numerous competitors emerging from all sides, it's difficult for a company to differentiate their products from the sea of seemingly copy/pasted creations. However, there is a caveat which can indeed help you establish a better connection with your customers and ensure greater visibility of your products on the market.

5 Cool UI Ideas for Your Mobile App

Mobile UI ideas

Design of user interfaces is something similar to a mixture of art and science. However, it has never been an act of pure creativity. So if you are inspired by the quote "Good artists copy, great - steal", be careful, do not cut yourself with shards of broken illusions. Because Pablo Picasso didn't say that, guys.

5 Tips to Build a Personal Financial App

Personal financial app

The idea of tracking expenses came to mind of almost every person at least for once. According to the Board of Governors report, 70% of adults use personal finance applications to track their spending and to follow the budget. The family budget is the same accounting as in business and it can't be denied that financial management software makes it much easier.

5 Ideas How to Use Animation in UX

Using Animation in UX

What's the first idea that comes to your mind when you think about user experience design? It's all about making the design useful for the users, right? But how about useful and fun? If you explain things through text, the users may perfectly understand what you say. When you include animations to accompany that explanation, however, they won't even need to read the text.

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