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Good Website vs. Great Website: What Do UX Designers Do?

What UX designers do

As business becomes increasingly digital, a website's user experience (UX) can make or break an online company. Although some companies design their own websites and mobile apps, it takes a professional UX designer to translate customers' intent, preferences, and needs into a customer-centric, intuitive flow of pages and functions.

Sticky Navigation: Is it Worth It?

Web design tips

Web design trends rise and fall like waves in the sea of time. Beneath this attempt at poesy is an undeniable fact. Sure, some best practices, such as responsive design, seem like they're here to stay, but many will hit the curb in a year or two, if they haven't yet. Sticky navigation has been around for a while, but it's expected to become big this year. Should you incorporate it into your site? It depends.

Empathy Mapping for Design Thinking

Empathy mapping

Empathy has always been an indispensable aspect of design. Where empathy is not applied to understand what the user wants, design usually fails to perform a useful, meaningful function. In a field built on a foundation of technical processes, empathy is a huge pillar for UX designers. It requires them to put themselves in the user's shoes and get their perspective on what satisfies their needs.

11 Ecommerce Landing Page Tweaks That Increase Conversions

Ecommerce Landing Page

Benefits from landing pages are not achievable in an instant. Every progress in your landing page will be coming from the continuous effort and constant gathering of information. Tweaking your landing page will not stop unless you got the right formula in getting higher conversion rates for your e-commerce business.

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