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Here at Anadea, we build solutions that support you on the way to leaders in your niche - be it medicine, real estate, auto insurance, logistics, manufacture, or travel. We offer web and mobile apps development, impressive design, custom insurance software integration with third-party services, migration, support, and extending existing solutions.

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Frequent Insurance Software Requests by Our Customers

Entrust automation and digitize your most important business processes with a trustful insurance software development company Anadea. With the custom solutions, you’ll observe a rise in client acquisition, sales, reduction of time for routine operations, and growth of accuracy and controllability for complex project tasks.

  • Automated signing Automated signing
  • GPS tracking GPS tracking
  • Online Payments Online Payments
  • Claims management feature Claims management feature
  • Chatbots Chatbots
  • Data Analytics Data Analytics
  • Rich document management tools Apps For Agents
  • Enterprise software Enterprise software

Anadea’s Expertise in Insurance Software Development

Legacy Systems Upgrade and Migration
We can breathe life into out-of-date software by getting rid of technical debt, rebuilding architecture, optimizing code, and working on performance. It can be done by implementing modules one after another, not stopping the business processes.

Enterprise solutions
Anadea among other top-rated insurance software vendors suggests custom development of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software, Compliance Management, Document Management systems, and many other enterprise solutions for streamlining your business processes.

Web development
Anadea possesses 20-year expertise in custom insurance software development services. We created insurance solutions for the medical sphere, real estate, auto insurance, logistics, manufacture, travel, and other industries.

Mobile Applications
At Anadea, we deliver best-in-class mobile solutions for agents who work outside the office. With everything needed at hand, they proceed to perform everyday tasks productively.

Custom Integrations
We help with API integrations of various service providers to ensure the convenience of use of your favorite services together with custom-made solutions and get a synergy effect of them along with saving time between switching and transferring information from one system to another.

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Anadea’s Competence in Insurance Software

  • Policy administration solution

  • Insurance agency management software

  • Apps for agents/Agent commission calculation

  • Website for Insurance agency/Online portals

  • Chatbots

  • Claims management solutions

  • Risk Management Software (ERM)

  • Insurance Data Analytics Solutions

  • Enterprise Solutions

  • Insurance Carrier Software

How Anadea uses AI and ML features for Insurance Sphere

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Insurance Industry streamline routine tasks, help employees to make decisions, and process information. Here are some use cases of AI and ML for the Insurance Sector.

Lead management
Lead management accumulates lots of data. AI can assist in lead validation, finding more lead’s information, renew it with time, adjust recommendations according to purchase history, potential spending, and make predictions to provide better cross - and up sale. In the call centers, AI distributes the flow of calls or solving simple typical tasks for customers.

Information input management
When the number of insurance applications increases, it is necessary to hire more personnel, equip new workplaces, and expand office capacities to process them. The costs for this are significant and ineffective since the productivity of manual input is low. Automated systems can significantly increase productivity, the efficiency of processing client applications of insurance companies, and reduce costs.

Using AI, make the process for one operator more efficient in 3-5 times per day. With processes such as input recognition, routing, and clustering, it is possible for insurance companies to avoid manual data handling and data management. Efficient input handling will automate the routing of issues to the right solution provider within an insurance company.

Claims management
Artificial intelligence in the insurance industry has redesigned the claims management process, making it faster, better, and with fewer errors. Insurers now have the ability to achieve much better claims management using technology by facilitating first-time applications and preliminary assessment of claims when automating the damage assessment process, as well as automated fraud detection with data analytics.

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