Vivum Health

Vivum Health: The Clinician App

The scope

The healthcare industry is experiencing tremendous changes today. Embracing digital innovations into medical practice provides incredible opportunities for improving medical care and enhancing the health of people. The growing awareness of what the technology is capable of pushes forward the expectations, so that both medical organizations and patients now crave for new IT systems that can ensure frictionless patient-doctor relationship, secure healthcare data monitoring and give patients better control over their wellness.

Maximilian Kerz, CEO and founder of the London-based startup Vivum Health, realized the growing need for a tool to facilitate access to patient medical records. Maximilian decided to create a platform that streamlines medical record keeping, allows patients to control their healthcare data and share it with medical professionals across multiple healthcare providers.

Our devs were involved in building a part of this system - the Clinician App. We were responsible for the development the front-end side of this medical app and we were delighted to apply our skills to bring this great product to life!

What is Vivum Health's Clinician App?

The Clinician App is a web application for healthcare professionals where all vital patient data, including symptoms, measures and medication, is presented in an intuitive and functional dashboard. Having all relevant medical information organized in a single interface enables doctors to make more informed diagnosis and treatment decisions, helps them monitor patient progress and lets deliver improved patient care pathways. The app facilitates overall patient-doctor collaboration, minimizes risks, costs and drives better treatment outcomes.

Vivum Health: The Clinician App

Learn more about Vivum Health's mission on their website.


The Clinician App gives medical professionals access to patient data via an intuitive dashboard and provides functionality needed to track their patient progress. The application stores and uses patient data in a way that ensures security according to medical standards.

After the registration and validation process, a clinician gets access to the app features. Here are the main of them:

  • Patient list. View summary and detailed medical record for each patient, search and filter the list to quickly find a specific patient.
  • Patient enrolment. Add your patient details, info about measures and select treatment.
  • Monitoring. A visual plot to track your patient symptoms and treatment in real-time.
  • Treatment inspector. View your patient's next treatment steps in a glance.
  • Medication inspector. View and update medical prescriptions for your patients.
  • Inform your patient. Show your patients details of their treatment.

Team & Technologies

Technology stack:

  • React, Redux, AWS Cognito;
  • REST API (provided by client).

Development team:

  • front-end development: Dmitriy Kovalev;
  • project management: Andrey Dovbysh;
  • sales: Aleksandra Lichko.

While working on this project, our team efficiently applied Scrum activities, including weekly sprint planning, daily meetings and sprint reviews. Andrey and Dmitriy maintained active communication with Maximilian, provided him with frequent updated and reports. They enjoyed working on this project a lot, here is what Andrey Dovbysh said:

"Being the project manager, I can say that it was a pleasure to work with Dmitriy. Dima proved himself as a professional in his field, he developed solutions with different approaches, clearly conveyed his ideas to the team and client. The quality of his work and the level of transparency were at the highest level.
As for coding skills, everything was at a decently high level too. It was easy to communicate and find compromises. Dima stayed focused on the delivery of the functionality that he promised to implement, which is a valuable quality. When needed, he can make a push to implement the planned scope of work in time.
Dmitry is an excellent developer. I would gladly work with him in the next project."

Bottom line

The pilot version of the Clinician App was completed in May, 2018. Now Vivum Health have to go through clinical trial testing, however, it has already started to gain recognition and got the Digital Health Innovation Prize 2018, sponsored by Bayer.

Smooth and secure sharing of medical data provided by Vivum Health is a new step in building the bright future of the healthcare industry. We hope to stay involved in this project and contribute to its further growth!