Sports Coaching App


This application connects players with golf coaches and enables them to exchange information and collaborate anytime, anywhere. The coaching app is focused on the golf industry.

  • The app provides online video coaching.
  • The solution contains two standalone mobile apps: one app for players and another app for coaches
  • The app interface allows secure card payments for the training provided
  • The client personally participated in the development of the app

Story Behind

The idea of the app is to connect golf players with golf coaches. The client wanted to help players improve their skills in an affordable and accessible way. Even when you are practicing golf just for fun and have no plans to become a professional athlete, there is always someone you want to challenge and win over.

During the research, the client contacted hundreds of players through forums and local sports clubs to gain deeper insights into what golf enthusiasts needed. Then the client contacted Anadea for the successful launch of the app.

Anadea Team Work on the App

In the first release, we needed to implement a registration procedure, login, user profiles, and incorporate the payment method. The client was directly involved in the development of the application and worked directly with the team.

Player app

The player app allows golf enthusiasts of all levels to get in touch with coaches and take individual video lessons. Among the key features for players are:

  • Player profile: Upon registration, players create a personal profile where they can manage their account details, choose a coach, and start training.
  • Video: The player can take a video of himself practicing swings. The recorded videos are stored in the player's profile so the user can send them to the coach.
  • Coaches: Players can browse the list of available coaches, view their info, and choose a coach.
  • Lessons: Players initiate their training by sending their videos or photos to coaches. Coaches respond with personal lessons that are stored in the player's profile. Users can watch the videos as many times as they need.
  • Payments: Players pay for the lessons using a built-in payment system.

Coach app

Coach app enables coaches to manage their accounts, create personalized lessons, and respond to players. Among the key features for coaches:

  • Coach profile: Coaches can register and manage their accounts. They can set up their availability, assign a lesson price, showcase their qualifications and biography, and invite players to train.
  • Trainees: Coaches can see the list of their trainees, perform searches in the list, and view players' profiles.
  • Coaching: Coaches receive videos from players, watch them, and respond with photo, video or text comments and instructions created right in the app.
  • Notifications: Coaches are notified about the new lesson requests and messages from students.
  • Getting paid: Coaches are paid for the lessons through the payment system integrated into the app.

Services &

Project management

Mobile development

Quality assurance

Technology stack

Objective-C, iOS SDK, Stripe, Ruby on Rails (provided by client)

We're very happy with the results so far. Anadea has done an excellent job. I'm a developer myself, so I know what to look for.
CEO of Coaching App

More than just a solution

Online sports coaching app is a great way for golf players to improve their game under the guidance of experienced coaches. Using the app, a player can record a video while making swings and other moves during the game, and then the video to the professional golf coach.

After viewing the video received from the student, the coach creates a personalized video lesson that points out any mistakes, shows how to do it right, and provides other helpful insight. For the convenience of users, the app is divided into two standalone parts: one app for the players and another for the coaches.

We are proud to make this project a reality. We have received stellar feedback for this project on This application is alive and available in the AppStore. If you'd like to know more about this project or our sports app development services, contact us.

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