Sports Coaching App

Sports coaching App

The scope

All people, who start playing sports, be it golf, tennis or squash, want to become better players. And the excellence in sport have no limits. Even when you are practicing it just for fun and have no aspirations about being a professional athlete, there is always someone you want to surpass.

Obstinacy and constant solo trainings are essential parts of your progress in sports but they are not always sufficient to achieve your goals. What you need then is a good personal coach. However, it's not always possible to find a suitable coach nearby and if you find one you may fail to synchronize your availability for in-person trainings. The same is about professional coaches. They have valuable knowledge but may not have enough time for face-to-face sessions with all students interested in their services.

This is what this project is meant to resolve: it connects players with coaches, enables them to exchange information and collaborate anytime, anywhere through a mobile app. The application currently operates in the British golf industry.


This is a mobile sport application for players willing to improve their skills that makes it easy for them to get online lessons from qualified coaches. It works perfect for those who want to train independently and at the same time receive the recommendations from experienced trainers.

Through the app, a novice player can record a video with him performing some movements, e.g. stroke or swing, and send it to a professional trainer. The trainer, having viewed the video, creates a personalized video lesson which explains all ins and outs, points out the mistakes and shows how to do it right. For the convenience of users, it's divided into two standalone mobile apps: player app and coach app.

Player app

Player app allows trainees to get in touch with coaches and receive individual video lessons from them. Key features for players:

  • Player profile. Upon registration, players get a personal profile where they can view and manage their account details, pick a coach and get coaching.
  • Video. The player can take a video of himself practicing some movements. The recorded videos are stored in the player's profile and can be sent to the selected coach.
  • Coaches. Players can browse the list of available trainers, view their info and choose a coach to receive a lesson from.
  • Lessons. Players initiate lessons by sending their videos or photos to coaches. Coaches respond with personal lessons that are stored in player's profile and can be watched as many times as needed.
  • Payments. Players pay for the lessons via an integrated payment system.

Coach app

Coach app enables them to manage their accounts, create personalized lessons and respond to players. Key features for coaches:

  • Coach profile. Coaches can register and manage their accounts: set up their availability, lesson price, qualifications and biography, invite players-students, etc.
  • Trainees. Coaches can see the list of their trainees, search through the list and view players' profiles.
  • Coaching. Coaches receive videos from players, watch them and respond with photo, video or text comments created right in the app.
  • Notifications. Coaches are notified about new lesson requests and messages from trainees.
  • Getting paid. Coaches are paid for the lessons through the payment system integrted in the app.

Team & Technologies

Technology stack:

  • iOS app: Objective-C, iOS SDK;
  • Integration with 3rd-party services: Stripe;
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails (provided by client).

Development team:

  • iOS app development: Vitaliy Voropayev, Daria Kovalenko;
  • QA & testing: Vadim Eremichev;
  • Project management: Anna Shaposhnikova, Alexander Koroid,
  • Sales: Vadim Kondratiev.

Bottom line

Online sports coaching app is a great way for players to hone their skills under the guidance of experienced coaches. We're proud to be a part of this project and we've got a good feedback for this project on The client said:

"We're very happy with the results so far. Anadea has done an excellent job. I'm a developer myself, so I know what to look for."

This application is alive and available in the AppStore. If you'd like to know more about this project or our sports app development services, contact us.