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A bespoke SEO company, Anadea delivers high-end search engine optimization services to add visibility to your project on the web and jump-start its positions in search results.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy to boost a website’s ranking on Google or other search engines. If you want to generate more revenue through your website by improving its ranking, go for a professional SEO service.

How Does SEO Work?

For ranking, search engine robots are responsible. They crawl through pages of your website to understand what they are about. Thanks to content scanning, engines suggest to users exactly the content they need - more specific requests provide more specific results.

In fact, the more relevant the page is, the more frequently Google suggests it to other users with similar requests. When users find a website on search engines, they generate organic traffic - an essentially free one.

Just setting up a website isn’t enough to get visible results. Competitors are ahead in search results not because they’re lucky but because they use custom SEO services. And to compete, you should too.

SEO Services Anadea Provides

For your website’s outstanding performance, we at Anadea deliver customized SEO services including these and much more:

Technical audit

We detect SEO-associated problems on your website and draw a technical task for improving them.

Technical optimization

Anadea’s specialists deliver SEO management services to solve particular optimization problems you’re dealing with.

Basic optimization

Within a one-time optimization, we eliminate major SEO-related problems on your website, analyze keywords, the structure of the site and its pages, as well as set up tools for analytics.

Promotion for new sites

For freshly established websites, we offer website SEO services to ensure brilliant performance from their first days online.

Link building

We handle the placement of links to your website on reputable resources to build a solid link profile.

Competitive analysis

We thoroughly analyze the SEO and content strategies of your closest competitors to see what makes them stand out and give you valuable insights.

Building a solid content strategy

An expert SEO services company, we elaborate a content strategy for the promotion of your business website.

SEO copywriting services

Hire professional SEO copywriters to fill your website with engaging content and naturally fit keywords.

Setting up and optimizing Google Analytics

We create and adjust a Google Analytics profile for you to keep track of tendencies and how your website’s traffic changes over time.

What Your Business Gets from SEO Services

Entrust optimization to an SEO service company so that you can focus on solving primary business tasks - we’ll be doing our job while you’re doing yours.

Mind also that Google policies tend to change drastically over time - SEO techniques that work today can be useless tomorrow.

Qualified SEO professionals keep track of the latest Google updates and help you get ready for them so that you maintain top positions.

In other words, professional SEO gives you as a business a sense of security - we’ll make sure any update works for you.


Which SEO Solution Is Right for You?


My website drives no sales


We’ll increase targeted traffic to your website - only people interested in your offer will visit it


People visiting my website have no interest in my product/services


What you’re dealing with is untargeted traffic. Conversion rate optimization will help


Site’s positions have drastically declined after another Google update


We’ll adjust your website to the latest Google policies and requirements


Whatever I do, competitors are way ahead in search results


Competitive analysis will reveal weaknesses of your website and serve as a starting point for major improvements


My website has few pages, meaning little content


We’ll broaden site structure and create more pages to drive targeted traffic


Other resources have links to my website I’d like to remove


We’ll remove unwanted links from search results and buy more links on trusted websites

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