STAV Online

STAV Online is an interactive e-learning platform that fuses progressive educational practices with modern web technologies and makes learning Danish efficient and exciting at the same time.

  • Web development


This project required a development team with proven expertise, capable to create a new solution beyond the limits of standard applications, reps and clones. Thus, the candidates were selected very carefully. Birgitte and Phillip visited Anadea before starting the work on the project to make sure that our engineers match their strict requirements.

After visiting our office, seeing our company and meeting our employees, they realized that they found the right team. This visit played an important role for facilitating contact and understanding between our team and customers which are some of the most important elements of building efficient and successful software products.

  • Birgitte Lie Suhr-Jessen
    Birgitte Lie Suhr-Jessen
    Business Development Manager
  • Phillip R. Kyle
    Phillip R. Kyle
    Technical Development

Education & Technologies

The aim of the project was to make an online version of a successful series of books for learning Danish spelling and grammar. The elements of a game integrated in the process induce rivalry and make study more engrossing for children. From the technical aspect, the challenge was not only to make it catchy and good for students but also to make the system easy to administrate and to facilitate the work of teachers. The designing part was quite demanding too as tablets are gaining popularity and it was vital to make the app handy for both PC and tablet users. Our team has accomplished all these tasks with credit.

Dmitry Malyk Dmitry Malyk
Dmitry Malyk Dmitry Malyk Dmitry Malyk
Dmitry Malyk Dmitry Malyk Dmitry Malyk

STAV Online –
the Innovation in Action

  • Fun and Motivation

    Game elements, points gained for correct answers and bonus system make learning with Stav Online highly motivating and engaging to students.

    Technology tools

    STAV Online helps to organize and facilitate teaching by providing an automatic check of test results, displaying statistics of the class and individual students progress, etc.


    The admin panel has a clear and good looking custom design which allows easily add and manage tasks that are shown to students.


    The design and gestures/button clicks are implemented in the way which allows to run STAV Online on PC and tablets, which are widely used in the education today.

Team & Technology Stack

The core of the STAV Online development team are our Java engineers Ivan German and Alexander Mikhalchenko, accompanied by one of our leading frontend engineers Anton Borsch and designer Roman Vasyutin. Alexander Mikhalchuk, our second to none Java expert, supervises the whole project to ensure unsurpassed quality and reliability of the system.

An important role in this project belongs to our QA engineers. Darina Chuzhova performs manual testing in all major browsers and on all major mobile devices. Aleksey Derkach conducts stress testing to identify elements that need optimization for speed, to ensure that the application can handle requests of students from hundreds of Danish schools.

  • Roman Vasyutin
    Roman Vasyutin
  • Alexander Mikhalchenko
    Alexander Mikhalchenko
  • Ivan German
    Ivan German
  • Anton Borsch
    Anton Borsch
  • Eugene Kramorenko
    Eugene Kramorenko
  • Darina Chuzhova
    Darina Chuzhova
    QA team leader
  • Alexey Derkach
    Alexey Derkach
    QA - Technical Lead/Mentor
  • Olga Suhinina
    Olga Suhinina
  • Alexander Mikhalchuk
    Alexander Mikhalchuk
  • Aleksandra Lichko
    Aleksandra Lichko
    Business Development Manager
  • Natalia Lozovaya
    Natalia Lozovaya
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Winter 2015


STAV Online is a e-learning system with lots of innovative ideas being turned into holistic and fascinating study process. Building software solutions based on such progressive concepts is a big challenge as it requires an extensive technical expertise and courage to think outside the box. It was a great experience for our team and we are proud to be a part of this project.

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