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We started using Ruby on Rails in 2008. It is now a core area of expertise, and our development platform of choice. Alongside providing Ruby on Rails development services, our engineers continue to play a role in contributing to the platform to make it better.

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Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is flexible and versatile. For developers, it is a fun platform to work on and with. Ruby on Rails allows software engineers to develop applications customers need, without the complexity of other development platforms. It is a clear and simple platform to use that brings the developer into alignment with operational and business needs.

The most powerful feature of Ruby on Rails platform is the global community. There are tens of thousands of friendly, eager and passionate developers globally who contribute to the Rails platform. The spirit of the community inspires engineers and makes finding solutions a breeze.

What we use Ruby on Rails for?

Ruby on Rails is a versatile, robust and flexible platform. We use it to:

Start new projects

From a proof-of-concept to a minimum viable product (MVP), RoR is ideal for rapid development and deployment. Our developers can create working version of a new application in several days, instead of customers waiting weeks. The code is flexible to ensure the app can rapidly change and adapt to new requirements and ideas. Customers can spend time figuring out what ideas work best. This way, they can focus on their vision and the projects business goals.

Grow projects further

Anadea provides Ruby on Rails web development services on a retainer basis. RoR allows our engineers to come up with elegant solutions when implementing enhanced logic and complex workflows. For most common tasks there are ready-to-use open source modules (gems) that are built and maintained by the Rails community so that engineers could use them and are not spending time trying to reinvent the wheel.

Maintain projects started by other teams

Sometimes project owners have to transfer their projects from one software development company to another. Because of code readability and maturity of testing frameworks, benefits of Ruby on Rails shine in such situations. A new skilled team can always take a Rails code-base and continue improving it.

Also, we find Ruby on Rails to be the right choice for:

Mobile API development

A lot of mobile applications require web back-ends to store data, communicate with other users, and perform other functions. Normally, the back-ends are built with modern web technologies, such as HTTP and JSON. Whereas, with RoR, these are available out-of-the-box, saving customers time and money.

Integration with third-party services

Ruby on Rails is handy when integrating with external APIs, dealing with payment gateways, accounting platforms, and other systems. Many popular web services even provide RoR-based gems as part of their software.

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