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  • What We Offer for an Obsolete Ruby Solution

  • Upgrade Ruby on Rails

    Solve impediments with RoR updates effectively and ensure your solution works seamlessly.

  • 3rd-party Integrations

    Re-establish the connection and make requests to the external API and payment gateways your existing solutions uses.

  • Securing Vulnerabilities

    Check for vulnerabilities and dependencies, compliance with security standards and ensure security of your software.

  • Solution Scaling

    Get rid of technical debt, add new functionality to the code, customize and scale Ruby on Rails applications.

  • StreetEasy Project

    All mentioned above we did for the StreetEasy project’s success.

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Our Offer for Proof of Concept and Fast Product Launch

  1. Speedy Development

    Get a working MVP in a few days. We use frameworks, Agile practices, professional BA and PM services to speed up to the maximum.

  2. Proof of Concept

    The code is flexible to ensure the app can rapidly change and adapt to new requirements and ideas.

  3. Feature-rich

    Invest in what people want. We will enrich your solutions with functional capabilities users need to reach their goals with ease.

  4. MVP Prototypes

    Validate your business idea and find out the demand for the service. We suggest eye-catching interfaces appealing to your demands.

  5. CodeCoach Project

    All mentioned above we applied to CodeCoach.

Add Ruby on Rails Professionals
to Lead your Project to Success

  • Team Extension

    Enforce your team with Anadea strongly specialized in RoR developers to turn your software solution into a high-grade one.

  • Code Audit

    We check a codebase, database structure, server infrastructure to ensure correct and stable performance, discover potential security vulnerabilities.

  • Re-engineering

    Regain control over Ruby on Rails applications with Anadea’s RoR software engineers. We do not only deliver technical results, we understand the business value of your software solution.

  • Delivery

    The Diligent Ruby on Rails development team will deliver your solution in full, without any stress by your side and timely.

  • Turbine HQ Project

    All mentioned above we applied to Turbine HQ

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Out of 21 years of the company’s existence, we have devoted 13 years to developing in Ruby

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