Source Code Review Service

Code Audit Service

We provide extensive and risk-free code audit and system review services for our clients looking to improve their software products, add new features, or make any changes in the existing code base.

Our code audit process is aimed at identifying all the weaknesses, threats and vulnerabilities in the source code that may affect the performance and ongoing development of your application.

After conducting an in-depth technical analysis, our engineers will assess the overall quality of the code and product features. Based on that, we can give you our perspective on how to make your product work and evolve flawlessly.

How companies benefit from our code audit service

Poor system architecture and hidden vulnerabilities can be extremely costly, forcing companies to spend more to improve and strengthen products and features. You might also be living with unexamined security failings that could seriously impact a product and your customers.

With our expert code audit, you get reassurance that your product’s source code is in good condition (or knowledge that it needs re-engineering). We will check your application code for:

  • Coding standards
    There are four core code standards that are crucial — maintainability, reliability, efficiency, and portability — as these have a huge impact on overall product quality. We evaluate your code through the prism of our professional expertise and explore what is needed to align it with the best practice coding standards.
  • Security
    We check whether your application adheres to industry-standard encryption and is not at risk of exposing user data. Along with that, we make an extra assessment on the security aspects of your product which helps in identifying potentially dangerous bugs and other weaknesses.
  • Smooth performance
    Our code audit and system review services effectively mitigate business risks and help your product to perform at its best.

What is a software audit?

Anadea’s code audit service is a comprehensive technical examination of software systems, web, and mobile applications, carefully reviewing architecture, style, security and efficiency. We conduct a detailed source code analysis, including:

  • Examination of the current technology stack Examination of the current technology stack
  • Software architecture assessment Software architecture assessment
  • Code quality check Code quality check
  • Security vulnerability analysis Security vulnerability analysis
  • Performance evaluation Performance evaluation
  • Review of potential maintenance issues Review of potential maintenance issues
  • Technical documentation assessment Technical documentation assessment
  • Providing guidance on resolving issues Providing guidance on resolving issues

A code audit is NOT the following:

  • Peer code review
    This is not the kind of code review when teammates examine each other’s pieces of code and provide comments pointing out individual errors. Our code audit service is aimed to detect large-scale system problems in your software.
  • Debugging
    Within a source code audit, we do a technical audit of your project, identify the problems and give advice on resolving them. To catch specific bugs and make fixes in the code, you need our software development services.

How our code audit service works:

  • Contact us to request a code audit.
  • Give us access to your code repository.
  • We will conduct a code audit of your project (3-5 days).
  • You will receive a full source code audit report.

After the software audit is done you will receive:

  • An exhaustive analysis of various aspects of your code.
  • List of issues found during the code audit process.
  • Detailed recommendations for fixing these issues and improving the source code quality.

A software audit is useful for the following reasons:

  • Periodic reviews during the development of your project
    Even the best developers can miss something, which is why double-checking is always a good idea. Through an external code review, you can get an expert opinion on the quality of code delivered by your software developers, spot the problems and detect technical debt early, when it is less expensive to fix it.
  • Before a product launch
    A third-party code review helps to ensure that your application is ready to launch and that your app users will not see any critical bugs.
  • When on-boarding new developers
    Before taking over an existing software project, a new development team needs to perform a code review to become familiar with the code base and to determine whether it requires any rework.

Looking for independent software audit or code review service? Order a code audit at Anadea. We will improve the performance of your application!