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No matter the size of your business, your goals are important. Whether it's a small store, regional or international extension, supply chain management, or data analysis and ML demand prediction, we can help you with developing custom solutions tailored to your growth strategy and current business needs.

Retail software requests by our customers

For our customers, we create solutions that correspond to their size, niche, market strategy, and tactics. With custom solutions, you’ll be able to manage your business operations efficiently, adjust to the current buyer’s demand, and predict the future one, manage your logistics, stock, distribution, and much more.

Open new possibilities of processes automation, control, and management with Anadea, a retail software development company.


Supply Chain & Distribution Management

Security and stability

Solutions for Enterprise

Mobile PoS

New technologies - IoT, AI, ML

Support and Maintenance

Analytics, business intelligence, forecasting

Retail software solution types

Anadea's retail solutions gather valuable data about customer behavior, including purchases, visit frequency, average spending, and other metrics crucial for effective management. Custom retail software can also aid in managing inventory, procurement, warehouse management, and store security, among many other processes. With our retail software development services, we create tailored software solutions that provide results.

Our retail software development services offer a range of solutions to streamline retail operations. From inventory and procurement management to customer behavior analysis, our team of experts can develop a custom software solution that addresses your unique needs and drives success for your retail business.

Analytics systems and turnaround management solutions

Synchronize information everywhere and store in clouds to monitor key performance indicators. Analyze and manage the store portfolio and the turnaround.

Sales management system

Use planning tools to optimize sales performance and drive efficiency.

Product lifecycle management system

Product lifecycle management is designed to perform information management tasks and integrate data, processes, business software and personnel in an extended enterprise.

Mobile point of sale (POS)

The mobile point of sales applications add flexibility, ease of use, as they run on an ordinary smartphone. PoS as a separate feature can be easily added within larger custom applications.

Distribution software

Distribution software manages processes including inventory tracking and warehousing. The store warehouse management system performs tasks connected to receiving goods from wholesome and controlling their storage and run-out. Inventory management automates the tracking process and saves a substantial amount of time on such tasks as SKU management, automate orders, inventory control and much more.

IoT for innovative stores

We develop IoT-based intelligent solutions that provide the best shopping experience.

Supply chain management system

Optimize the supply chain and give it control in real-time with tailored management systems.


Accumulate all the data and the related processes of an organization in a common database to help departments interact with each other efficiently. For retailers it’s essential that the system ensures control over retail planning, store operations, inventory management, finance resource management, and more.

Featured projects for retail

Visdeal is Europe's largest fishing tackle webshop full of great deals for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Dressli is a social shopping application.

This service aims to assist entrepreneurs to start online business of a daily deal or group buying type.

New technologies that perform real tasks

At Anadea, we master new technologies and make them work for retail.

Machine Learning

ML can predict inventory needs taking into account day of the week, the season, nearby events, social media data, and customer past behavior.


AI can be used in mobile applications to provide intelligent in-store assistants. These apps can navigate buyers in stores, suggest complementary goods, provide smart search, and much more.


IoT can be successfully used to organize the control over the store spaces - electricity consumption, air conditioning, humidity and temperature, and so on. IoT can also give control over goods storage and merchandising with the help of special equipment like smart shelves. It is used to organize automated checkout.

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