Software Testing and QA Services

Anadea provides quality assurance (QA) and testing services to ensure your web and mobile applications are working perfectly. When you get our QA services, you benefit from our rigorous quality assurance testing, which involves creating detailed, well-structured test cases, test plans, and data-backed reports of the results of that testing.

QA services we provide

  • Manual software testing

    Manual software testing, along with planning, analysis, design, creation, implementation, and maintenance, is a vital phase of the software development. Tests are designed to clearly demonstrate how well a developed information system functions or, in general, conforms to the functional requirements. We at Anadea admit the importance of established manual testing processes and engage only properly trained Quality Assurance specialists to execute the testing activities.

  • QA Consulting

    Anadea’s QA professionals analyze the process of Quality Assurance applied to your projects and advise on building up a strategy for improving it, pointing out weaknesses and aspects that require particular attention. Go for the QA consulting service to optimize the Quality Assurance process at your company and keep it up with your business goals.

  • Regression testing

    We check changes made to the application or the environment (fixing a defect, merging code, migrating to another operating system, database, web server, or application server) to confirm that the pre-existing functionality works as before.

    Functional testing

    Our QA engineers verify that the application is working as expected with an emphasis on performing expected actions.

Automated testing

Anadea believes that finding relevant sources and choosing a technique should be aimed at designing an effective app testing strategy. This is why we recommend choosing, under listed below circumstances, to automate application testing.


Automation accelerates the speed of testing.


The scalability of the frequently changing code is guaranteed.


A greater breadth of test coverage.


Automated testing contributes to the whole team’s productivity.


Test cases are reusable.

  • Integration testing

    With this type of testing, the solutions’ modules are integrated logically and tested as a group. We check data communication amongst these modules and the interaction between these software modules when they are integrated.

  • Cross-browser and Cross-platform testing

    We execute cross-browser testing and cross-platform testing to ensure that an app or web solution performs and looks the same way in different browsers and platforms, accordingly.

  • Interface testing

    We check whether the communication between two different software systems is done correctly. A connection that integrates two components is called interface - it can be anything like API's, web services, etc.

  • User Acceptance testing

    UA is a final testing before moving the system to a production environment which is conducted by the end user or the client to verify/accept it.

  • System testing

    We conduct System testing on a complete integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements.

  • Usability testing

    We establish the degree of usability, comprehensibility and attractiveness for users of the developed product in the context of the given conditions.

Performance testing

We can fulfill Stress Testing and Stability Testing for you to determine the scalability of an application under load.

  • Stress Testing

    With Stress Testing, we check how efficient the system works under stress conditions - increasing the intensity of operations to very high values or an abnormal change in the server configuration - the ability of the system to return to normal after the cessation of exposure to stress.

  • Stability Testing

    With Stability Testing, we check the performance of the application during long-term testing with an average load level.

Benefits of QA services provided by Anadea

  • Pro QA services drive better results

    Modern applications are incredibly complex to test. This complexity skyrockets when you add in things like responsive UIs, cross-browser testing, multiple OSes, and user customization. As a result, modern applications are exponentially harder to test than their predecessors. This means you need to turn to an effective automated testing solution.

  • Testing improves your product

    Customers used to perceive testing just in terms of finding any bugs in your product. But testing can also show you much more. For instance, a well-designed test plan checks every user journey through your application. If you instrument things well, you can look in detail at how your backend performs, comparing your current build with previous ones.

  • Testing drives revenues

    Proper testing is key to keeping your users happy, and in turn that will drive revenues. Stable, well-tested, bug-free software will generate more revenue than buggy, unstable, poorly-tested software. Not only that, it will also reduce the burden on customer service, especially when you are growing at scale.

  • Testing protects your brand

    Several years ago QA and testing played less significant roles in the solutions’ market success. You could hope that releasing a fixed version would quickly solve the problem. But nowadays, users will have already turned to social media and review sites to lambast you.

    The new reality is that the more testing you can do, the better the chances of finding every bug. In effect, you protect your brand by finding every bug before an end user does.

Full-cycle quality assurance and testing services

Technology Stack for Testing

Our technology expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Automation Testing

  • API Testing

    • Postman
    • Charles
    • Braze
    • GraphQL
    • Swagger
    • Calabash
  • Mobile testing tools

    • TestFlight
    • Firebase
    • Android SDK
    • Xcode
  • Security Testing

    • HCL AppScan
    • Burp Suite
    • NMAP
    • Nessus Professional
    • Acunetix
  • Performance and Load testing

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