Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Anadea provides full-cycle quality assurance (QA) and testing services to ensure every software solution we deliver to customers is working perfectly.

We have an in-house team of quality assurance engineers skilled, experienced and trained in various types of testing for web and mobile applications. When you hire our QA engineers, you benefit from our rigorous quality assurance testing process, which involves creating detailed, well-structured test cases, test plans, and data-backed reports of the results of that testing.

Why businesses need QA and testing services

QA and testing activities play a crucial role in producing cutting-edge applications. Not only do they help to detect bugs, but testing enhances functionality, performance, safety, the user-experience, and product quality. When testing is properly integrated in the software development life cycle:

  • Developers can focus on writing code rather than on detecting errors, which speeds up the development process;
  • Critical technical defects are identified at an early-stage when it's easier and cheaper to fix them;
  • Every module, feature and flow is verified for compliance with project requirements and coding standards;
  • Catching issues before the product is released to the end-users helps build brand confidence and credibility.

Having in-house testers is difficult and costly. A strong QA team should be equipped with various testing tools and devices, should be versed in the best QA practices, and aware of important new trends in testing. That's why outsourcing quality assurance to independent software testing services providers is more cost and time effective.

Types of quality assurance testing

We offer full-service software testing for different types of applications, including:

  • Automated and manual testing,
  • Functional and regression testing,
  • Load and stress testing,
  • Usability testing,
  • Compatibility testing.

QA & testing tools and technologies

Black-box testing, white-box testing, boundary value analysis, equivalence classes - for our QA team these are not just the professional terms, this is what we use in our everyday work. Our engineers are experienced using various testing tools - Selenium, Cucumber, Capybara, Jmeter, Calabash, Jenkins, Locust, and many others.

In addition to our expertise in various testing technologies, we have developed QA Assistant - our own custom test management software that helps us organize and fine-tune the testing process and workflow. It's a great contribution to the overall efficiency of our QA services.

We have a large set of mobile devices, which enables us to test mobile apps on real devices. Anadea is fully equipped to provide you with high-quality and comprehensive software quality assurance services.

If you are in search of an independent software testing company for your project, contact us! Anadea is the best solution for your QA outsourcing needs.

Our projects

  • getsocio


    web development
    Getsocio is an eCommerce platform for building customizable online stores.
  • ebookingservices


    web development
    eBookingServices.com is an online service for booking topical vacation packages.
  • stav-online

    Stav Online

    web development
    Stav Online is an interactive e-learning platform with the elements of a game.
  • QA Assistant

    QA Assistant

    web development
    QA Assistant is QA software for test case management and bug tracking.