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Besides the passion to play soccer, there are three key elements needed to make the game happen: time, team and space. And the more efforts are required for gathering a team and booking a soccer field, the less chances to actually get the opportunity to kick the ball with your friends.

Sebastian Duque, founder and CEO of Plei, Inc. - an IT company based in Miami where soccer is a popular pick-up game, decided to save players from the hassle associated with the pre-game arrangements. Sebastian came up with an app that makes it easy to book a soccer field and gather your friends for a match. The core idea of the project was to let you enjoy playing soccer like never before!

What is Plei?

Plei is an application that handles the entire process of searching, making reservation and paying for fields to play soccer. The Plei app allows users to invite players, set up teams and chat with friends through a convenient mobile interface. There is also a Plei system, which is a web-based side of the app fully equipped for managing soccer fields.

The first public release of the Plei app occurred on April 16, 2017. The app is now available on iTunes, it keeps growing and polishing its functionality.

Plei app


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The Plei mobile app is designed to be useful for people who love playing soccer and it makes getting together for a match with friends much easier. Through the app, you can:

  • Search for soccer facilities in your area and see them on the map;
  • View field availability and the location's details;
  • Book a field and cancel reservation if your plans change;
  • Invite friends to a game. Once invited, players get a notification and can accept or reject invitations;
  • Organize the players into teams by dragging and placing players' icons on different sides of the field;
  • Chat with other players and admins. You can send direct messages or start a group chat;
  • View your upcoming games;
  • Make payments for the reservations.

Plei system

While giving a great soccer experience to players, Plei also facilitates the other side of the field reservation process and offers a web-based management system for companies providing soccer fields for rent. With Plei system, managers and employees of soccer facilities can:

  • manage their soccer fields and locations;
  • create and change reservations;
  • view reservation calendar and detailed reservation info;
  • access and manage clients data;
  • send messages to clients
  • track number of reservations, revenue and other analytics;
  • generate reports.

Services &


Project management

iOS app development

Mobile development


Back-end development

Technology stack

Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK, Ruby on Rails, Braintree, Twilio, Sinch

Sebastian Duque
My feedback, as always, is a very appreciative one! I am so thankful that I ran into Anadea at a time where my company was at a very critical point. I was very hesitant at first of taking my project oversees — mostly because I like to know what is happening everyday with my project and like to have control over it as well. However, the way that Anadea is organized and stricter relieved me of this worry. The team works so efficiently and in an organized fashion (I love the tracker!! ... and the reports :) ). I also love that the team loves the project — this is very important! I also really enjoy having an amazing PM that keeps me up to date on everything and relieves me of any worries I have. Overall, i am very thankful and look forward to continue working with Anadea. We have some big big things planned for the near future that we are excited to work with Anadea with! For this project we've also got a review with 5/5 score on Clutch, check it here.
Sebastian, founder of Plei App

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