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Harness the power of integrated, data-driven solutions to navigate the complexities of production, safety, and compliance in the energy sector. Anadea creates oil and gas software solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver outstanding efficiency and safety measures.

  • Web, mobile, cloud, and desktop

  • Advanced in AI and Machine Learning

  • All stages of oil and gas operations

Oil and gas sectors

The oil and gas industry is traditionally divided into three main sectors: Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. Each sector has its own set of challenges and requirements, making specialized software indispensable for operational efficiency, safety, and compliance.


The Upstream sector focuses on exploration, drilling, and production. The software here aids in reservoir simulation, geological mapping, and drilling plans, helping companies maximize resource extraction.


Midstream involves the transportation, storage, and marketing of oil and gas. Software solutions like pipeline management and supply chain tools ensure efficient and safe transit from extraction to refinement.


Downstream covers refining and distribution of finished products like gasoline. Software in this category streamlines refinery scheduling, automation, and supply chain management for efficient product delivery.

Key types of oil and gas software

The energy field involves a diverse array of specialized solutions. From exploration and production to compliance and financial management, this section categorizes the essential types of oil and gas industry software we build at Anadea to meet the needs across the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream sectors.

Exploration and Production

Software tools in this category are pivotal for assessing reservoir potential, conducting geological mapping, and optimizing drilling operations to maximize yield.

  • Reservoir Simulation Software
  • Geological and Geophysical Software (G&G)
  • Drilling Optimization Software

Asset and Operations Management

Oil and gas operations software ensures the optimal performance and longevity of critical infrastructure, from drilling rigs to transportation pipelines, by overseeing inventory and predictive maintenance.

  • Asset Integrity Management Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Predictive Maintenance Software

Field Operations

Oil and gas field service software streamlines on-site activities related to oil and gas extraction, from managing service requests to overseeing land leases and production metrics.

  • Field Service Management Software
  • Oil & Gas Production Software
  • Land Management Software

Refining and Processing

Software in this category facilitates the intricate conversion of crude oil and raw natural gas into refined products, managing everything from scheduling to automation controls.

  • Refinery Scheduling Software
  • Integrated Refinery Information System (IRIS)
  • Automation Software Services

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring software provides real-time oversight of operational parameters, ensuring pipeline integrity, performance tracking, and data analytics for informed decision-making.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Pipeline Performance Tracking
  • Real-time Data Analytics Platforms

Compliance and Safety

Compliance software ensures adherence to environmental, health, and safety regulations, while also safeguarding against cybersecurity threats.

  • Environmental Compliance Software
  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Software
  • Cybersecurity Solutions

Supply Chain and Logistics

Logistics software manages the end-to-end flow of materials and products, from upstream transportation to downstream distribution channels.

  • Supply Chain Optimization Software
  • Oil & Gas Transportation Systems
  • Downstream Supply Chain Management

Analytics and Decision Support

Data analytics software leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning to provide actionable insights for reservoir management and well performance.

  • Oil & Gas Analytics Software
  • Well Performance Analysis Software
  • Reservoir Management Software

Business and Financial Management

Financial software handles the economic aspects of the oil and gas industry, including energy trading, customer relationship building, and project cost estimation.

  • Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) Software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Cost Estimation Software

Human Resources and Accounting

HR and accounting oil and gas softwares focus on workforce optimization and financial management, covering everything from talent acquisition to payroll and benefits.

  • Accounting and HR Solutions
  • Talent Management Software
  • Workforce Management Software

Featured project

Working with Keystone for over 1.5 years, our growing team of 15 developers focuses on:

DOP, RAP planning, execution, and reporting, including time and depth metrics

Risk and equipment management

Visual project management

3rd-party integrations for data exchange, including weather forecasts

Keystone logo

Keystone is a Norwegian company building tools for the oil and gas industry.

Featured project

Keystone logo

Keystone is a Norwegian company building tools for the oil and gas industry.

Working with Keystone for over 1.5 years, our growing team of 15 developers focuses on:

DOP, RAP planning, execution, and reporting, including time and depth metrics

Risk and equipment management

Visual project management

3rd-party integrations for data exchange, including weather forecasts

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Industry leaders openly recognize digitalization as a key driver of the market thriving. Of core technologies that support the market’s expansion, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most demanded these days. Here is how AI is making an impact:

Data Analytics

AI algorithms analyze vast datasets to inform decision-making, effectively acting as a strategic advisor that identifies operational strengths and areas for improvement.

Predictive Maintenance

Using advanced algorithms, AI forecasts equipment failures, acting as a preemptive tool that mitigates risks and avoids costly interruptions.

Resource Exploration

Through the analysis of geological data, AI streamlines the identification of viable drilling locations, reducing both time and financial investment in exploration.

Sustainability Initiatives

AI contributes to eco-friendly practices by optimizing energy consumption and reducing emissions, positioning itself as an essential tool for sustainable operations.

Excited to try AI and Machine Learning in the oil and gas field?

Anadea’s experts are ready to help. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will craft a bespoke strategy to integrate these technologies seamlessly into your operations.

Our process


Initial Contact and Requirement Gathering

Contact us to discuss your needs and challenges. We will also conduct a thorough analysis of your operational requirements to determine the project's scope and objectives.


Proposal, Agreement, and Project Planning

We will provide a detailed proposal that includes the scope, timeline, and cost. Upon agreement, a comprehensive project plan with milestones and deliverables will be established.


Design and Development

Our team will design and develop the custom software solution, ensuring it aligns with your operational needs. This may include AI and Machine Learning components if necessary.



Before deployment to the production environment, the solution undergoes rigorous testing for functionality and performance.


Deployment and Support

The solution is integrated into your operational environment, with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure seamless performance.


Periodic Review and Optimization

We will conduct regular performance assessments and make any necessary optimizations to ensure the solution continues to meet goals.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in the oil and gas sector involves rigorous testing of software and hardware systems that manage everything from seismic data interpretation to refinery operations. Ensuring the reliability of these systems is paramount for safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

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In oil and gas, DevOps integrates software development and IT operations to accelerate the deployment of applications that control drilling, production, and distribution processes. This enables real-time adjustments to operations, optimizing yield and minimizing environmental impact.

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