Java and Scala Development

Anadea has a decade-long tradition of producing and launching new custom-built web and mobile-based apps using Java. We know this coding language is one of the most effective for building new technology applications.

While we do keep a close eye on new ones, and have expertise in numerous others, clients benefit from our decade of experience in Java.

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Why Java?

Java software development is supported by one of the largest communities in the technology sector. Java is a powerful and proven software development platform.

Java libraries, and solutions in the market, cover every business operational area and sector. Project owners can be confident that a whole community and numerous solutions stand behind the team delivering the project they need.

World of Java

There are many areas where Java is the most useful platform for developing new technology solutions:

Web development and corporate management systems.

Useful for processing intricate data structures, Java is a great tool for building projects that have a variety of objects tied together. It is commonly used along with well-tried frameworks such as Play! and Spring in Enterprise Management Systems.

Mobile development for Android.

The Android API was built in Java, making it easier for software engineers familiar with this programming language to design and build mobile apps in Java. It helped Android to conquer the market and become one of the largest and most popular mobile ecosystems in the world.

Reactive programming with Scala.

Reactive programming is a popular new paradigm that allows quicker updates when conditions changes within applications and databases. It’s used to build interactive user-interfaces and real-time systems. Java streamlines reactive programming principles with a help of libraries and an advanced Scala language, compatible with the rest of the Java ecosystem.

Electronics platforms that use Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java usage goes beyond the remit of traditional development areas because there are many hardware platforms designed to use Java. Medical equipment, satellite hardware and platforms for managing remote devices - many of them use Java APIs.

The best way to fully appreciate our Java development services is to give us a practical problem that needs an innovative solution.

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