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For more than 20 years, we at Anadea have been producing and launching new custom web and mobile-based apps within Java development services. Using Java, our engineers build powerful applications that perfectly fit any platform.


Why We Love Java


Java Is Popular

Java language consistently ranks second among the most popular and used programming languages around the world, behind only Python.


Huge Possibilities

Java libraries provide possibilities to do almost anything.


Fewer Bugs in the Code

Java is a strongly typed language. It means that the code we write is cleaner from the beginning, as it is checked by the compiler.

Why You Should Love Java

Java Ensures Security

Java language itself is type-safe and provides automatic garbage collection, enhancing the robustness of application code. A secure class loading and verification mechanism ensure that only legitimate Java code is executed. The Java security architecture includes a large set of application programming interfaces (APIs), tools, and implementations of commonly-used security algorithms, mechanisms, and protocols.

Java Is Universal

Due to its solidity and scalability, Java is found on mobiles, desktops, and large-scale industry servers and applications. Whatever your idea is, it can be implemented within Java applications development.

Java Provides Fast Development

The language is designed to be very simple - to learn and to develop solutions with it.

Java Development Services

  • Custom Java Development

    The needs of every business are unique. We create custom Java solutions considering your business requirements and perspectives. Be it a mobile, desktop, or web app, our Java developers will implement the solution to put your business beyond the competition.

    Cloud-Based Platforms

    We create apps that run on the public - Amazon, Google Cloud, Azure - or private cloud. We provide clean code, easy scalability, and high performance of custom apps.

    Java Consulting

    Whether you need help with the code or the architecture, any advice for your team, or an expert leader, feel free to ask us for Java consulting services.

  • Migrations and Integrations

    Transmission of legacy systems to new environments is always a challenge. On every layer of the solution, it must be performed after proper and thorough testing. Let our top architects and engineers help you with this.

    Backend for Mobile & Web Application

    Java language is a great choice for creating responsive and engaging web and Android mobile apps. It ensures stable performance, flexibility, and security along with interactivity.

    Java Developers Outstaffing

    Enhance your in-house dev team with new Java development team members. Our Java developers are ready to lead your digital acceleration together with your team and deliver custom systems that drive your IT goals and operational processes.

Stack of Java
Technologies We Master

  • Backend development

    Java Platforms

    Java EE, Java SE

  • Frontend development

    Java Frameworks & Libraries

    Spring, Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, JMS, Log4J, XSL, XSLT, Apache Commons, Apache POI

  • Quality assurance

    Security Frameworks

    JAAS, Spring security

  • Legacy migration

    Persistence/ORM Tools

    JPA, Hibernate, Spring Data

  • Mobile app development


    Enterprise, SOA, Microservices

  • Integrations


    JasperReports, Apache POI

  • Design

    UI Frameworks

    ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, JSP, JQuery, JS, Freemarker, Thymeleaf

  • Business analysis

    Database Management

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Redis

We Build Java Solutions for Industries

As a top Java application development company, we provide a great variety of custom development of industry-specific solutions.

Discover the power of Java in developing a diverse range of educational solutions, including Learning Experience Platforms, Learning Management Systems, Learning Administration Software, Drill and Practice Apps, Assessment Modules, eLearning Platforms, Corporate e-Learning Solutions, and Educational Mobile Apps. Unleash the full potential of Java to create seamless, engaging, and effective learning experiences for your audience.

Harness the capabilities of Java for the development of cutting-edge healthcare solutions, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, Hospital Management Software, Medical Equipment Management Software, Medical Apps, Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, Telemedicine Solutions, Medical Diagnosis Software, and E-prescribing Software. Java's versatility makes it the ideal choice to create secure, reliable, and efficient healthcare applications.

Java emerges as an optimal choice for developing dynamic and feature-rich real estate solutions, such as Real Estate Websites and Listings, Apps for Real Estate Agents, Real Estate ERP Systems, and Property Management Apps. Leverage the robustness and flexibility of Java to create powerful, user-friendly real estate tools for a competitive edge in the market.

Java stands as an efficient and popular language for developing banking and financial solutions, including Apps and Software for Banks, Payment Systems, Financial Risk Management Systems, and Open Banking and Open Finance Systems. Rely on Java's security and scalability to create robust, high-performance applications that cater to the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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