Consulting and audit


The Anadea team has huge experience in custom development of all kinds of software for Web and mobile platforms. One of the special skills which we obtained through many years practice is the ability to make a professional web development audit. We can perform a deep analysis of the existing IT projects, detect vulnerabilities and find ways to handle issues.

If you are looking for an expert technical assistance in order to take your website to the next level or if you stuck with completing your half-ready application, we can help. We will provide a fresh independent view on your existing code base, system architecture, performance and security issues.

After conducting an in-depth technical analysis of your project we will prepare a detailed report along with our recommendations on how to address the detected issues and weaknesses. If you are interested in further development of your website or mobile app, such as adding new functionality or some technology updates, we may provide estimations and ideas on these aspects as well.

We also suggest you to take an advantage of our special offers - Free source code audit. Order it today to be sure that your application source code is clean, secure and stable. Or, if you are starting a new project, request a Free project estimate.

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