Custom Learning Management Systems Development

Our team of engineers and developers will create a custom LMS that fits your needs for education and training. We can enter the process at any stage and help you achieve your goals or build from the ground and meet your exact specifications.

LMS Development Services

  • Create LMS from scratch

    Our team will help you create a custom learning management system. We can enter the process at any stage - to work on your concept and planning stage, or take the entire project off your hands so you may focus on other areas.

  • Migrate your old LMS

    Anadea, as a custom lms software development company, can migrate your old LMS to a new one at any level, be it moving your current software to faster systems, or off-site, or be it changing your LMS from one suite of software to another.

  • Integrate

    We will integrate your LMS into ERP or other systems and apps, which also includes any add-ons/extensions, and any security and functional updates you require.

Customize and update your current LMS

We will customize open-source LMS for you or update your current LMS so that it fits in with your more modern needs with our custom LMS development services - massive updates, security updates, adding new features, removing redundant features, and more.

Develop Custom LMS for Your Every Teaching and Training Need

  • Closing training gaps

    Enjoy custom software that identifies gaps in education and knowledge and fills them. Automate to create a solid learning flow or create user engagement with one-on-one and group sessions. Through teaching and testing, you may elevate your learners’ knowledge and skills, be they people you draw from the Internet or be they both on-site and off-site employees.

  • Boosting productivity

    Our software and app developers will customize and tailor your software so that it boosts productivity across the board, be that through the training of people in different departments, to the way new staff is trained. With the use of things like online courses and video conferencing, you can boost productivity of employees, new starters, and online learners.

  • Automating workflows

    Anadea as an LMS development company will help you change and alter your eLearning workflows, introduce advanced features, and enjoy functions like real-time success tracking and dynamic scheduling. Ask our development company to create levels of personal automation for your users so that they engage more freely or learn more quickly.

  • Increasing outreach

    With your custom eLearning solutions, you can increase the availability of your education services. You may share knowledge between branches, people at home, and people living in other countries. Services may be optimized to work on multiple platforms, on a variety of devices, and through web browsers online.

  • Lowering training costs

    Thanks to clever learning management system development, you may enjoy the benefits of distance learning, which helps save money on engaging, training, and onboarding.

  • Enhancing Learner Engagement

    We’ll help you add things like gamification, loyalty programs, personalization to keep your users engaged.

Stay Up-to-date With Progressive LMS Features

  • Gamification

    Let us make the studying process engaging by adding gamification elements to your learning management systems - in-app currency, a progress bar, achievements/badges, rankings, leader boards, or whatever you find involving.

  • Quizzes

    We’ll add drag-and-drop constructors to fast and efficiently create educational quizzes, with various types of tasks and questions.

  • Speech processing

    We’ll create and add to LMS speech-to-text functions, voice control, speech synthesis, or voice biometrics.

  • Communication

    We are here for you to enhance the LMS by providing effective communication possibilities - video feeds, instant messaging tools, and things like real-time notifications.

  • Analytics

    We’ll add features to the system for generating learning reports, creating graphs and diagrams, including personalized metrics, and whatever you may need.

  • Monetization

    In case you need LMS as a SaaS product, Anadea developers will add payment systems or such features as subscriptions or advertising possibilities.

  • Mobile version

    Anadea mobile developers can implement your LMS as a handy native app, a cross-platform app, and/or a mobile app with a mobile-friendly design.

  • Added Extras

    We’ll include things like webinar support, file import/export, self-registration/enrollment, customizable user profiles, and other popular features.

  • Compliance

    Anadea team will ensure your custom CMS conforms to modern compliance, including things like SCORM, LTI, GDPR, and xAPI.

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