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Travel & Tourism App Development

At Anadea, we work with you to create standing-out solutions for the tourism industry. From custom travel web development to iOS and Android apps, we design, build, test, maintain, and evaluate a product that will make an impact.

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Features in Demand That We Create For You

  • Social features Social features - login, share, follow, etc.
  • Third-party integrations Crawlers, Search engines, Third-party integrations
  • Booking Reminders, Notifications, Schedulers, Booking
  • Maps Maps, Tracking, Navigation
  • Sharings Sharings
  • Online payments Online payments,Currency exchange
  • Localization Localization
  • Multimedia Multimedia
  • Voice control Voice control
  • Live chats and chatbots Live chats and chatbots

Travel App Solutions For Your Purposes

As an established travel software development company we can create any travel app or tourism software for your business needs.

To build apps and software for travelers

  • Hotel and Apartment Booking Apps
  • Restaurant and Cafe Booking
  • Tickets to events
  • Taxi apps
  • Sharings and rentals
  • Currency exchange systems
  • Traveling guides
  • Cheap traveling tickets crawlers
  • Maps and Navigators
  • Traffic timetable
  • Recommendation/Advisor app and much more.

For travel agencies/tour operators to grow and prosper

  • Tourism websites and portals
  • ERP for travel agency
  • Travel agency management software
  • Custom CRM systems
  • API Tour Aggregators Integrations
  • Apps for promotion facilities
  • Customer support solutions
  • Chatbots and much more.

For hotels, restaurants and other services providers to run business processes smoothly.

  • Staff management systems
  • ERP
  • Asset management
  • Business Process Management
  • Any other Enterprise Solution for Tourism and Travel Industry

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We Follow Trends in Travel App Development

Tourism app development reflects social tendencies and demand for high standards of service quality. This pushes businesses to work hard on not only customer’s acquisition, but also seamless inner processes.

Independence and self-service
Apart from individual approach in tour selection that has been actual recently and is still current, travelers start to appreciate self-support in choosing how, when, and where they plan to travel. Thus, tourism websites with sophisticated filtering and search possibilities, trip planner apps, hotel and apartment booking systems, travel help apps and any of the kind that help end-users to organize a trip themselves are in great demand.

This tendency has become very actual in recent years with the appearance of apartment booking apps, rentals and sharings, Uber-like taxi apps, cheap flight search apps, traffic timetables, maps and navigators, travel recommendation apps, and much more.

High service requirements
To provide high-level service businesses use specialized Enterprise software. This is very actual for hotels with multiple processes - from check in to check out, and all related ones like asset management, security assurance, procurement, staff management, administrative part and dozens of others. Enterprise software ensures the most optimal distribution of resources, control over time and tasks, seamless performance of processes and communication between departments.

Increased market competition
Travel business players proceed collecting large volumes of consumer data and use innovative technologies to learn about travellers' behaviour and individual needs and provide customer support. Among recent trends, there is person identification (voice, face, fingertips, etc.), voice recognition for customer support and service, big data processing and business intelligence.

We Answer Your Most Important Questions

Can startups make money on tourism app development?

Travel apps are one of the most popular download categories in the world. At least 60% of smartphone users have downloaded at least one travel-related app, and 55% of consumers in this market research multiple sources before booking a trip. Global demand for online travel apps is set to exceed $1.1 billion in 2022 with an annual CAGR of 11.1%, according to the latest research. In the US, online travel sales - which include airlines, hotels, car bookings - are currently worth $198bn, with around 40% of that coming through mobile devices. Customers are increasingly happy to book big ticket items, such as hotels through apps, making the user experience more important than ever. So, with the growing popularity and increasing market, a tourism startup can be very successful, especially in some narrow niches.

Why decide on Anadea for hospitality software development services?

Deep tech expertise allows us to build robust and functional IT solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. Being experts in digital design, we know how to create beautiful and intuitive UI for mobile and web apps. You will enjoy the fine-tuned development process, transparency of project management, ease and comfort of communication with our development team.

How long does travel application development take and how much does it cost?

The easiest and the most efficient way to learn development cost and timeframe is to get a project estimate. It also saves a lot of time and effort from both sides. You can describe your project idea in common if you are not sure about the suitable business logic and features, or send to Anadea team a list of features - the form of request doesn’t matter. We will respond to you as quickly as possible and give a precise estimate of your project. MVP development usually takes from 3 to 4-5 months, depending on the project scope.

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Anadea has delivered the project successfully. I can recommend working with them. Robert Den Hollander CEO and Founder at Tripaneer
I have been involved with software development for 13 years and Anadea has been by far the best experience I have had with any vendor. Their developers are extremely knowledgeable, their designers are great and all in all the experience working with them has been fantastic. I can recommend them to anybody who needs a modern, responsive web application. Stephen Young Windhunters founder, entrepreneur

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