Learning Experience Platforms Development

Get a flexible approach to online learning and enjoy the results of the studying process with a custom Learning Experience Platform. The tailored software adjusts to unique learning abilities of the users letting them progress faster and more confidently than ever.

Custom LXP Development Services

  • Integration

    Let us help you make your business systems exchange the information between them. Our development team will set up integrations into your current systems - ERP, Talent Management Software, and others.

  • Custom LXP Consulting

    We’ll provide you with information about the specifics of elearning and software systems you can put your employees through. Anadea’s team will offer more insight into the benefits that LXP can supply you with.

  • Custom LXP Development

    We’ll develop a custom LXP that is tailored to the needs of your workspace. This way, you’ll get a solution that is built with your company in mind.

Must-have and Killer-Features of LXP

What makes an effective and current LXP are mindful UI/UX, social and communication features, ease of LXP administration, use of data to drive more relevant interactions for users. At Anadea, we keep abreast of current trends in eLearning.

  • Gamification

    Creating game-based elearning is one of the ways to keep the students motivated and moving.

  • Audio-Video Calls

    Let learners work on lessons, quizzes, and tests using the audio-visual feature that help them stay connected.

  • Standards: SCORM, xAPI, LTI

    We’ll help your system meet the needed standards put forth to ensure that users are getting the most updated knowledge.

Quizzes, Tests, Questionnaires Constructors

With drag-and-drop constructors, your administers will create fast and efficiently educational quizzes, with various types of tasks and questions.

  • AI/ML – Powered Features

    The possibilities of LXP empowered with AI and ML are enormous. It can automatically recommend the next lesson plan or other places of interest to the user based on their learning style and program, helping overcome gaps in knowledge.

  • BI, Student Progress Tracking

    With Business Intelligence features you’ll see the pace of the studying progress and its impact on one’s personal or proficiency development. Keeping students accountable is one of the ways to keep them motivated. Progress tracking can provide this for them.

  • Increasing outreach

    With your custom eLearning solutions, you can increase the availability of your education services. You may share knowledge between branches, people at home, and people living in other countries. Services may be optimized to work on multiple platforms, on a variety of devices, and through web browsers online.

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