Business Analysis Service

The key to saving development time&cost and building exactly the product you imagine and the market accepts.

If you want…

  • custom software development and need help with formulating your request,

  • all requirements carefully collected, documented, and available at any time,

  • someone to double-check every step developers make from the business perspective,

  • your tasks prioritized and fit into your budget

– hire a Business Analyst for your project.

We offer BA services depending on your needs:

For the discovery phase, or the process of researching, collecting, and analyzing information on the project.

You need the discovery phase if:

  • You have ideas but no clear vision of product features;

  • The logic and architecture of the product are not thought out yet;

  • You are tight on budget so prioritization is required to fit into;

  • A prototype for testing or showing to investors is needed;

  • Technical feasibility needs to be assessed;

  • An existing complex project needs improvement;

  • You have wireframes/specifications for a complex project and analysis and prioritizing are lacking.

You DON’T need the discovery phase if:

  • The project or MVP is small-scale and simple;

  • Your documentation/designs are clear to the team;

  • Deadlines are tight so there’s no time for discovery;

  • You want to add simple features to a small-scale project.

For the entire software development life cycle, during which a BA:

  • Coordinates the development process, communicates and details requirements between you and the team and then generates requirements-based solutions for your approval;

  • Monitors designers’ progress to make sure the app design meets requirements;

  • Conducts regular demos for you to validate the progress;

  • Gives recommendations: a storehouse of ideas, a BA is always there to advise on what has to be done ASAP, what can wait, and what the project can do without;

  • Minimizes the number of changes developers might have to make, saving your time and money;

  • Evaluates direct and indirect competitors to get a complete picture of their strengths and weaknesses so that you gain a competitive advantage over them;

  • Documents the requirements to make sure the details won’t be lost even if the discussed task will be planned a month later.

For your team augmentation (outstaffed Business Analyst):

  • Hire a BA for your in-house development team that needs anything from the above. Our Business Analysts will focus on the product your team is building and work on tasks you assign them.

For legacy product modernization:

  • If you suppose your legacy product needs to be upgraded but don’t know how to approach it, a Business Analyst will analyze its compliance with modern requirements and prioritize aspects that need to be reworked.

A Business Solution needs Business Analysis. What you get from BA services:


We’ll understand you and help you formulate what you have in mind so that the whole team is on the same page.


Expertise in all of the major domains: Real Estate, eCommerce, eLearning, FinTech, and more.


We are not selling BA to sell the service. With BA, we solve practical problems, and if you can go without BA, we’ll let you know.

Proxy Product Owner

If you can’t allocate enough time for the project, describe your requirements in broad terms, and BA will do the rest.

They know the BA’s value


They were doing great thanks to a well-trough-out team structure. They had a Technical Lead, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, and developers. If something was not communicated well, a Business Analyst came and broke it down for the team in clear terms, and Tech Lead explained things if there was something way too technical.

Masnad Nehith,
Technical Director at New Nordic Schools


We're very happy with the way things are going until now and Anadea’s BA specialist is playing a key role in this. We appreciate a lot the way she tackles issues and our "inconsistencies" when it comes to defining business requirements. She definitely adds value to our project and concept.

a project under NDA


Business Analysts have done amazing work. I’d like to thank them a lot for being very accurate in their work and very good advisors in terms of functionalities.

a project under NDA

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