Web Accessibility as a Service

At Anadea, we provide web accessibility testing services, web development with focus on accessibility, and remaking your web project in line with the requirements of web accessibility.

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Web development from scratch with focus on accessibility

Anadea’s development team will build your website accessible:

UX/UI specialists will work on the interface that will be both visually appealing and easy to use for people with disabilities. They work through the elements of the page, their size, fonts, colors, contrasted elements, and making them harmonious with other structural elements, appealing to users, compliant with branding, etc.

Our front-end developers will write semantic HTML. Semantic HTML elements will clearly describe their meaning in a human - and machine-readable way for screen readers and easy TAB navigation.

Anadea’s testing team will check accessibility manually and in various tools before the launch.

Existing website rebuild

We can suggest you 2 options:

Our designers, web developers, and testers will rebuild your website to meet Google’s accessibility standards.

Fulfill services of interfaces redesign and front-end development by your checklist after your site has been audited by a third-party specialized organization.

Web accessibility testing services

We’ll provide you with reports and recommendations after the testing service, which are the plan of actions to improve your website’s accessibility.

We can test your website for accessibility in a range of testing tools like Lighthouse, Color Contrast Checker and others, to lead the website to the Google accessibility “green zone”.

Test your website for accessibility in the recommended tools after your site has been audited by a third-party specialized organization.

Benefits of web accessibility

  • Your website brings social responsibility value

  • Your website is truly user-friendly for all people

  • Lower probability of risks of lawsuits

  • Broader consumer market

  • Higher Google SERP results through improved user experience

Why Cooperating With Anadea?

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Constant improvement

Our experts are constantly taking courses and deepening their knowledge in the field of accessibility

Relevant experience

We are proud to help industry leaders

Share values

As a company we strive to adhere to the principles of web accessibility

Ease of collaborating with us

C1 English, clear and honest communication, speed and accuracy of work, senior developers

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