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Inclusive web design caters to individuals with disabilities, granting them full access to content and services online. Ultimately, search engines, like Google, favor accessible websites, which means they are more likely to rank higher in search results. At Anadea, we provide web development accessibility services prioritizing users & your business results.

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Web design, development & testing with a focus on accessibility

What it takes to make a website accessible is a team of UI/UX designers, front-end developers, and QA engineers. We have them all!

UI/UX designers

work on an interface that is both visually appealing and easy to use for people with disabilities. UI/UX designers work through the elements of the page, their size, fonts, colors, contrasted elements, and making them harmonious with other structural elements, appealing to users, compliant with branding, etc.

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Front-end developers

are responsible for creating and managing the site's semantic HTML. This involves writing code that is not only meaningful and interpretable by humans but also machine-readable for tools like screen readers and tab navigation. The aim of accessibility in web development is to facilitate an accessible, user-friendly browsing experience.

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QA testers

are tasked with meticulously checking the website's accessibility. This is done both manually and using a range of digital tools. The purpose is to ensure that the site is accessible to all before it's launched to the public. This is a crucial step in guaranteeing a seamless user experience and maintaining the integrity of the brand.

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Our services

Accessible UI/UX design

our services

UI/UX accessibility audits and mock-ups


Our designers review interfaces for potential issues and offer optimized design mock-ups to ensure their compliance and inclusiveness.

Accessibility-first wireframing and journey mapping

Crafted wireframes prioritize accessibility while mapping out user journeys, keeping users with disabilities at the forefront.

Color, typography, and design consulting

We guide on color schemes, typefaces, and design elements that align with accessibility standards.

Adaptive responsive designs

Ensuring designs cater to all screen sizes with accessibility in mind, from mobile devices to desktops.

Visual feedback integration

Incorporate feedback tools to help users with disabilities communicate their experience and needs directly.

Accessible web development

Semantic coding and screen reader optimization


Our developers ensure compatibility with various screen readers, focusing on users with visual impairments.

Keyboard navigation and dynamic content

We ensure full keyboard functionality and accessible dynamic content integration, catering to all user needs.

Cross-platform accessibility and performance

Ensuring consistent website performance and accessibility across browsers and devices, with rapid load times.

Website rebuild for enhanced accessibility

If needed, we rebuild to provide full inclusivity, meeting the highest accessibility standards — Learn more on the web development services page.

Accessible multimedia integration

Our team makes sure that videos, audios, and interactive content are accessible and reachable, with captions, transcripts, and alternative content.

our services

Web accessibility testing services

our services

Web accessibility testing for Google


We will test your website for accessibility with a range of tools, leading it to the Google accessibility “green zone”.

Full accessibility testing and detailed reports

We test your website for compliance with the latest guidelines (WCAG, WAI-ARIA) and provide detailed reports with actionable recommendations.

Relevant accessibility testing tools and methods

Using tools like Wave, AXE, EqualWeb, and more, we ensure comprehensive accessibility control with both state-of-the-art and traditional methods.

End-to-end hybrid testing approach

Our engineers use automated and manual methods, providing complete website accessibility coverage, from A-Z.

Customized test scripts and revision

Post audit, we apply custom scripts to test and further revise, enhancing your site’s usability for disabled individuals.

Accessibility consulting

For design challenges or penalties, our specialists offer strategies and advice to kickstart your accessibility improvements.

How we work


UI/UX design process


Aligning our design team and stakeholders on design needs, goals, and accessibility targets.Aligning our design team and stakeholders on design needs, goals, and accessibility targets.

Design creation

Using assessment insights to design interfaces accessible for all users.

Preliminary design

Reviewing initial drafts to spot accessibility issues and areas for enhancement.

Accessibility validation

Validating designs against WCAG guidelines and testing mockups with accessibility tools.

Handover &

Providing design assets and accessibility-focused documentation to developers.


Web development process


Gathering requirements and outlining accessibility steps for new or existing sites.

Semantic structuring

Structuring with semantic HTML to organize content for assistive tools.

Integrating accessibility

Adding features like keyboard navigation and adjusting current interactive elements.

Continuous testing &

Conducting regular accessibility tests, including manual and automated checks.

Performance optimization

Enhancing the site's speed and interaction for users with assistive tools.


Accessibility testing process


Creating an action plan and selecting appropriate tools for comprehensive website testing.


Conducting full accessibility tests to highlight potential accessibility issues.


Refining elements using the latest WAI-ARIA practices by designers and developers.


Navigating and evaluating website accessibility using both manual and automation tools.

Completion & Reporting

Finalizing features and providing a detailed accessibility report after tests.


Accessibility consulting process


Get a consultation with Anadea's experts for tailored accessibility advice

Taking Action

Share insights internally or opt for our UI/UX design, Web development, or Accessibility testing services.

We are beyond happy you are interested
in enhancing your website accessibility

Here are some quick benefits of web accessibility to prove you right
one more time.


Social Responsibility

An accessible website communicates your commitment to inclusivity. Companies that prioritize corporate social responsibility can increase their market value by up to 6%.


Customer Loyalty

Businesses that prioritize customer experience, such as through an accessible website, can increase customer retention rates by 5%, leading to an increased profit of 25-95%.



Websites that follow accessibility guidelines can increase user retention and engagement by up to 30%.


Lowered Legal Risks

With a rise in lawsuits related to ADA compliance – over 3000 cases filed in 2022 in the U.S. alone – proving that accessible website design can significantly reduce legal risks.


Broader Market

By being accessible, you tap into a market of over 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide, according to the World Bank.


SEO Benefits

Websites that follow accessibility guidelines can see up to a 35% increase in organic search traffic.

Why choose anadea?

Why choose Anadea as your accessibility expert


Continuous improvement

granted by taking courses and deepening our knowledge in the field of accessibility


Speed and preciseness

of work that exceeds expectations thanks to wise time management and prioritization


Known and reputable brand

in the software development world recognized by Forbes, Helsinki Times, and other media



A perfect blend of high-quality solutions at competitive pricing, we ensure cost-effective outcomes for our clients

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