Web Accessibility as a Service

Accessible websites are those catering to individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can access the content and services provided. Search engines, like Google, favor accessible websites, which means they are more likely to rank higher in search results, driving more organic traffic. We provide web accessibility testing services and web development with a focus on inclusivity.

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Web development from scratch with focus on accessibility

Anadea’s development team will build your website accessible:

UI/UX design specialists will work on an interface that will be both visually appealing and easy to use for people with disabilities. They work through the elements of the page, their size, fonts, colors, contrasted elements, and making them harmonious with other structural elements, appealing to users, compliant with branding, etc.

Front-end development team will be responsible for creating and managing the site's semantic HTML. This involves writing code that is not only meaningful and interpretable by humans but also machine-readable for tools like screen readers and tab navigation. The aim is to facilitate an accessible, user-friendly browsing experience.

QA testing team will be tasked with meticulously checking the website's accessibility. This will be done both manually and using a range of digital tools. The purpose is to ensure that the site is accessible to all before it's launched to the public. This is a crucial step in guaranteeing a seamless user experience and maintaining the integrity of the brand.

Web accessibility testing services

We’ll provide you with reports and recommendations after the testing service, which are the plan of actions to improve your website’s accessibility.

Web Accessibility Testing for Google

We can test your website for accessibility in a range of testing tools like Lighthouse, Color Contrast Checker and others, to lead the website to the Google accessibility “green zone”.

Accessibility Revision

Test your website for accessibility in the recommended tools after your site has been audited by a third-party specialized organization.

Full Accessibility Testing and Recommendations

Following the latest web accessibility guidelines (WCAG, WAI-ARIA), we test your website for compliance with them and point out aspects that need improvements for a 360-degree user experience.

Innovative Accessibility Testing Tools and Methods

For accessibility control, we apply state-of-the-art tools and assistive technologies, as well as multiple accessibility checkers: Wave, AXE, EqualWeb, Color Contrast Analyzer, etc.

End-to-End Testing Using a Hybrid Approach

Our engineers use both automated and manual methods of testing to cover the website’s accessibility on every level, A-Z.

Customized Test Scripts According to Standards

To test compliance to accessibility standards, we apply custom scripts adjusted specifically to your website to increase its usability for disabled people.

Detailed Reports for Each Build

Every step of the process for accessibility checking and improving is thoroughly explained in the detailed reports we provide on a regular basis.

Accessibility Consulting

If you’re dealing with accessibility issues due to complex design elements or have related penalties, our specialists will analyze the design and help you choose the best approach to start advancement.

Website Rebuild

In case it is preferable to rebuild the website from scratch than to improve all inclusivity issues, go for Anadea’s website development service. Our designers, web developers, and testers will recreate your website to meet Google’s accessibility standards.

Our accessibility testing process


The team receives a request for accessibility testing and based on it draws an action plan.


Anadea developers analyze the existing design pointing out elements that differ from a basic realization thus probably causing accessibility gaps.


The designer improves the elements that need attention and the front-end developers make functional changes to the website pursuing the latest WAI-ARIA practices.


The website is handed to testers and aspects of most importance are highlighted. Using a screenreader, testers navigate through the website and draw conclusions on its accessibility.

Completion & Reporting

If no further changes are necessary based on testers’ review, a comprehensive report is drawn and new features are completed and released.

We are beyond happy you are interested in enhancing your website accessibility

Here are some quick benefits of web accessibility to prove you right one more time

  • Social Responsibility

    An accessible website communicates your commitment to inclusivity. Companies that prioritize corporate social responsibility can increase their market value by up to 6%.

  • User-Friendliness

    Websites that follow accessibility guidelines can increase user retention and engagement by up to 30%.

  • Lowered Legal Risks

    With a rise in lawsuits related to ADA compliance – over 2000 cases filed in 2019 in the U.S. alone – ensuring accessibility can significantly reduce legal risks.

  • Broader Market

    By being accessible, you tap into a market of over 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide, according to the World Bank.

  • SEO Benefits

    Websites that follow accessibility guidelines can see up to a 35% increase in organic search traffic.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Businesses that prioritize customer experience, such as through an accessible website, can increase customer retention rates by 5%, leading to an increased profit of 25-95%.

Why choose Anadea as accessibility expert

Continuous improvement

granted by taking courses and deepening our knowledge in the field of accessibility

Speed and preciseness

of work that exceeds expectations thanks to wise time management and prioritization

Known and reputable brand

in the software development world recognized by Forbes, Helsinki Times, and other media


A perfect blend of high-quality solutions at competitive pricing, we ensure cost-effective outcomes for our clients

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