About Us

Anadea was founded in 2000 and since then has grown into a trustful international custom software development services provider. We work with clients all over the globe and help businesses of all sizes to become strong and prosperous through automation, digitalization, and the latest technologies, such as Machine Learning. We've got significant and proven expertise in a range of industries: Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, eCommerce, Fintech, Retail, Insurance, Transportation, Travel, Sports, and much more. Our mission is to work respectfully and honestly along with customers on software products to serve their business needs.

How we work

We follow the agile development methodology and we are open to changes and new ideas from your side at any stage of the development.

  • Dedicated teams

    We will assemble for you a dedicated team of experts, who will focus exclusively on your project and on building an app that fully reflects your needs.

  • Client is in control

    For the development time, you will become a part of our development team and will be able to guide our developers’ work in real time.

  • All our talents at your service

    The development team will provide you full-cycle development services or get started at any project stage with as many experts as you need.

  • Established procedure

    Our elaborated development procedure implies clear division of responsibilities, flawless development process, effective quality management and communication systems.

  • TDD

    We use the best automated testing methods to guarantee that your application behaves as intended and ensure that making changes doesn’t cause any unexpected side effects.

  • Knowledge sharing

    Each our developer is backed up by the entire Anadea team with all the huge experience, accumulated during our many years in the IT business.

How it goes, step by step

We use a traditional software development lifecycle in order to keep the process open, transparent, and give you a clear road map to the successful conclusion of your project.

  1. Discovery

    Our team analyzes your requirements and expectations, considers your specific needs, and formulates an initial plan for your review.

  2. Design

    From a streamlined architecture to an intuitive user interface, we develop, assess, and refine every design aspect before seeking your approval.

  3. Specification

    We conduct thorough due diligence, confirm features with you, agree on timelines, perform feasibility analysis, and finalize the design blueprint.

  4. Development

    Our developers, graphic designers, and project managers collaborate to create efficient, high-quality software tailored to your specifications.

  5. Quality Assurance

    Embracing test-driven development, we perform rigorous functional and security testing to ensure the software meets the highest standards.

  6. Deployment

    Upon receiving your approval, we deploy the software to your desired environment and transfer all custom solution rights to you.

  7. Support & Maintenance

    While we design our software for easy maintenance by your team, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance services for more complex or large-scale projects.

Technology expertise

Our technology expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Front end

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • SASS
    • LESS
    • JavaScript ES5/ES6
    • React
    • Angular.js
    • Redux
    • Mobx
    • Apollo GraphQL
    • Webpack
  • Back end & Servers

  • Mobile Platforms

  • Database Management

    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • Apache Solr
    • Elasticsearch
  • Automation Testing

    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Selenium WebDriver
    • Cucumber
    • Rspec
    • Capybara
    • Pytest
    • CI
      • Jenkins
      • Circle CI
      • Drone CI
  • Mobile & API Testing

    • Postman
    • Charles
    • Braze
    • Fabric.io
    • GraphQL
    • Firebase Test Lab
    • Calabash
  • API

    • WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)
    • Payment Gateways
    • Mail Services
  • Cloud Platforms

    • AWS
    • GCP
    • Digital Ocean


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    Anadea did a great job for us. We had pretty complex tasks which required more than basic web-development skills. Anadea had the perfect staff for these tasks. They did professional software engineering and were also very patient with us. We would definitely hire them again.
    Mathias Ehlert
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    Thanks to the efforts of the Anadea team the directory is currently fully functional. The company appreciated how responsive each member of the team was during the project, as well as their ability to schedule important tasks and sticking to the agreed-upon timeline.
    Misha Vilenchuk
    Director of Operations, Senior Living Experts

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