Front-End Development Services to Stand Out

If you want to be sure of the flawlessness of user-app interaction, then Anadea is the company for you. We are a world-renowned front-end development company that provides front-end development services of Single Page Apps (SPA), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Frontend Development as a Service, as well as a range of extra services from speed optimization to responsive web design.

Front-end development services

Though many companies outsource their software development to us, we really excel when it comes to front-end development. With us, you get a custom app, web solution, top-class API integration, and a streamlined and workable UI with a targeted user experience. Plus, we have a team of amazing programming troubleshooters who’ll ensure the quality of your custom solution.

  • Single Page App

    We build fast, dynamic single-page apps friendly for search engines and with a rich user interface. Our experienced front-end developers will help you with creating single-page apps with server-side rendering built on Angular, Next.js, as well as client-side rendering on React.js, and static site generation on Gatsby.js.

  • JavaScript Development

    As React developers, the Anadea team designs and implements user-facing features. Using React.js, we can build everything a user sees on your app or website. Anadea front-end developers are also pro at Angular.js, a rich open-source JavaScript-based front-end web framework. We build mobile and desktop web applications that stand out.

  • Frontend-as-a-Service (FaaS)

    While your back-end dev team focuses on what they are best in, we switch to the process and provide not the least essential part of the solution - front end. Anadea’s dedicated team will add enhanced usability, visual consistency, and the best user experience for your app.

  • API

    We’ll create an API especially for your solution and integrate it. Or let us enrich your app or web solution with new data of the 3-d party services. We provide quick 3-d party insertion of API.

  • Progressive Web App

    In case you are in need of a PWA, our top-notch front-end dev team is here for a speedy app launch. We build PWA close to native apps - rich in features, engageable and reliable, with truly impressive UX/UI.

  • Accelerated mobile pages

    Provide your users with faster loading web pages and gain additional scores from Google to your website for better rankings. We’ll help you with these tasks professionally and quickly, ensuring AMP will work seamlessly.

For those who need something extra

And also integrate, migrate, and upgrade

  • Speed optimization

    Speeding up your solution is good for all parties - users, search engines, your product perception. Let’s level up your web solution by the time reduction of the first interaction and content loading.

  • Accessible Interfaces

    We strongly believe that being user-centric for mobile and web apps is a must. Our development team has already gained relevant experience in making interfaces with accessibility in focus. We’ll help to ensure your solution is easy and handy to use for anybody.

  • Prototyping

    Get an overall picture of your initial idea on a prototype or test your ideas with no time delays in the main development phase. We build prototypes after business analysts learn all the requirements, as well as details of customer journey which is a solid basis of the future great UX/UI design.

Companies that benefit from Anadea frontend services

  • Almost any enterprise, big and small company benefits from a top-quality front-end development company. Here are some companies that are most likely to hire a frontend developer and get the benefits of the custom solution.

    We create interactive and scalable solutions with gamification features to efficiently fulfill the goals within the confines of the learning process.

    The cookie-cutter days of e-Commerce are gone: it is now time to hire the professionals. In a world where Amazon dominates, a custom website is required if you want to compete on the same playing field with giants.

  • Logistics

    A team of qualified front-end services experts can do anything from creating apps that monitor driver travels, scans barcodes and QRs, to software that tracks cargo.

    Have our front-end developer create both websites and apps that cater to your end user's needs - be they keeping track of the assets they are selling or keeping an eye on the market for the next big buy.

    For CRM, ERP, IoT software, or updating your current software, you need to get a front-end estimation today and find out what Anadea can offer you.

Approach based on best practices

When you work with a front-end development company Anadea, you can expect top-class web development and front-end services, as well as custom software and professionally conducted programming.

Proven Quality

We apply Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Auto Tests and fulfill all necessary testing activities.

Clean Code

We take the responsibility for the code we provide. Be sure it’s clean, well structured, and easy to update.

Get Exactly What You Need

We can build prototypes, or use the micro front-end development approach to adjust very flexibly to the project changes, making the development process efficient and fast.

Stack of technologies we master in Front-End development







Apollo GraphQL




JavaScript ES5/ES6



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