TurbineHQ Employee Management System

Turbine is a web-based tool to take care of business admin including HR records, staff time-off, purchase requests, expenses, and timesheets.


Quick facts about TurbineHQ

  • 600,000+

    purchase orders, time-off requests, and expense claims handled.

  • check_mark

    Management system on the go

    approve holiday requests, keep track of expenses, and let everyone see who’s working and when.

  • integrations


    Slack, Zapier, Office 365, and Google Services integrations to boost online productivity.

  • security

    Unprecedented security and adherence to GDPR compliance.

Story Behind

Matthew Stibbe is a writer, marketing professional, and entrepreneur. Matthew is the CEO of Articulate Marketing, founder of Turbine, and co-founder of Vincarta.

A close collaboration on the Turbine project started with the development of the main features, and which was followed by a new stage, aimed at improving the UI/UX and onboarding experience for potential customers.

Main Features

Working in close collaboration with Matthew Stibbe, the team implemented a simple and elegant idea of replacing paper forms for purchasing, expenses, staff planning, and other documents, with digital forms. Turbine takes care of everything using simple and powerful web-based forms.

Time-off requests

Allows admins to track and manage staff holidays, sick days, and other time off. No more untidy paperwork or missing forms. Employees can request time off quickly online. Managers can approve or reject it easily.

Expenses & Purchase orders

Turbine makes it easy for people to manage purchase orders online and for companies to get control of spending. No software downloads required – it’s all online for a low monthly subscription for the whole company.



Record, review, approve, and manage expenses online.


Email Templates

One of the key components of Turbine is an email editor. Admins (managers) can customize content, formatting, and layouts of emails to be sent to end-users (employees) directly from their company portal within Turbine.


Employee database

Turbine lets you keep employee information in one place, making it easier to find, use, and update.

Matthew Stibbe
Fundamentally, there is no difference between a programmer (or a designer or a tester) based in an office in London and one in another part of the world. They’re either good or bad, talented or useless, collaborative, or ego-centric. Going offshore is cost and time effective. Most of the applications people use every day were built ‘offshore’. We are delighted with the experience of working with Anadea engineers on this project, and would highly recommend them to companies across the world.
Matthew Stibbe,
Founder of Turbine, and serial entrepreneur. Learn more about Matthew and his experience with Anadea in our interview.

More than just a solution

TurbineHQ is a tool for those who want to avoid wasting precious time dealing with stacks of paperwork. It replaces paper forms with an easy-to-use online system. It lets employees track their holidays and sick time, store their HR records, and manage company expenses and purchases.

Information is centralized. Everything is more efficient - no more forms, no more bureaucracy. Turbine has already handled over 600,000 purchase orders, time-off requests, and expense claims.

You can explore more details of Turbine SaaS development story and launch to market from the article Secrets on How to Make Your SaaS Flourish by Matthew Stibbe published in BusinessMatters, a UK's leading business magazine.

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    Ruby on Rails, MySQL, React, Redux, AWS S3, Docker

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