Software Development Projects

The applications we deliver are always based on a great idea requiring a unique software solution. The scope of our projects ranges from individual apps for private clients to large scale national and international solutions.

  • stav-online

    Stav Online

    web development
    STAV Online is an interactive e-learning platform that fuses progressive educational practices with modern web technologies.
  • agentfolio


    web development
    Agentfolio is a powerful collaboration tool for real estate agents and their clients.
  • ebookingservices


    web development is an online service for booking topical vacation packages.
  • dressli


    mobile development
    Dressli is a social shopping mobile application for fashion lovers.
  • listingdoor


    web development
    A SaaS web application for real estate industry with various tools needed to sell homes.
  • Home automation technology

    Home automation

    smart home software
    An intelligent system for home security, communication and entertainment.


    web development
    ERP system to suit the needs of the blast curtain manufacturing company.
  • Vivum Health

    Vivum Health

    web development
    Vivum Health's Clinician App is a medical app that helps doctors make more informed treatment decisions.
  • ontrac


    web development
    OnTrac Resident Manager is an EHR system for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities.
  • GoGoof


    web development
    A multi-tenant practice management software for medical professionals.
  • windhunters


    web development
    A website that provides real time weather forecasts to kitesurfers and windsurfers.
  • E-learning system

    E-learning system

    web development
    An e-learning platform that enhances studying through use of interactive tools.
  • Chatboard


    mobile development
    Chatboard is a college based social networking app for students.
  • Viventor


    mobile development
    A P2P lending platform offering alternative investment opportunities.
  • Team organizer

    Team organizer

    web development
    An online platform for sports team management and collaboration.
  • Plei


    web and mobile development
    An app that makes it easy to reserve a soccer field to play with your friends.
  • Coaching app

    Coaching app

    mobile development
    A personal coaching and collaboration app for the British golfing industry.
  • Sports team app

    Sports team app

    mobile development
    A mobile app for tracking activities of recreational sports teams.
  • Agentfolio: mobile apps

    Agentfolio mobile

    mobile development
    Mobile apps have amplified desktop experience for Agentfolio users.
  • Snake Game

    Snake Game

    mobile development
    A version of the traditional Snake Game wrapped in a modern design for Android.
  • getsocio


    web development
    Getsocio is an eCommerce platform for building customizable online stores.
  • Tracker


    web and mobile development
    Tracker is our custom project management software for agile teams.
  • Getsocio: mobile apps

    Getsocio mobile

    mobile development
    Getsocio allows creating daily deal mobile applications.
  • Getsocio Coupon Scanner

    Coupon Scanner

    mobile development
    An app that helps to redeem coupons purchased on Getsocio-based stores.
  • QA Assistant

    QA Assistant

    web development
    QA Assistant is an online test case management and bug tracking tool.
  • Bulb Fiction

    Bulb Fiction

    mobile development
    Bulb Fiction is a Plumber-like puzzle game for iOS and Android.
  • Memoryzer


    mobile development
    Memoryzer is a brain training and memory improvement game for iOS and Android.
  • Learning management system

    Learning management

    web design
    A LMS for training managers, administrators and trainees.
  • Medical survey app

    Medical survey

    mobile design
    Medical app for cure monitoring and analysis.
  • Calendar for clinic schedule

    Calendar for clinic schedule

    web design
    A conveniant calendar for managing clinic schedule.
  • Time management tool

    Time management tool

    web and mobile design
    A web and mobile system for task planning and time management.
  • Application for field workers

    Application for field workers

    mobile design
    An app for field agents to plan and give evidence of their daily activities.
  • Property renting website

    Property renting website

    web design
    A web app for handling relationships between landlords and tenants.
  • Collaborative web app

    Collaborative web app

    web design
    A collaborative web app for people to work together on projects.
  • Contacts management system

    Contacts management

    web design
    A web service for storing and managing contracts.
  • Loans marketplace


    web design
    An online brokerage system for loan-based interactions.
  • Personal finance management

    Personal finance management

    web design
    An app for managing your personal finances.
  • Food & Beverage Network

    Food & beverage network

    web design
    A social website for food & beverage companies and their customers.
  • Beauty social network

    Beauty social network

    web design
    A social network for beauty advice and inspiration.
  • Mobile shopping app

    Mobile shopping app

    mobile app design
    A mobile app to make purchases and earn money.
  • Astrological app

    Astrological web app

    web design
    A web app to visualize your individual energy symbol.
  • Apartments renting app

    Apartments renting app

    mobile app design
    A prototype of mobile app for renting apartments.
  • Payment checkout flow

    Payment checkout flow

    mobile app design
    A refined payment checkout flow for a mobile app.
  • Wine shop cart

    Wine shop

    mobile app design
    Some fresh ideas for adding items inside a shopping cart.
  • Horace`s quest


    mobile game design
    Horace's quest is a simple game for iOS.
  • Predictive keyboard

    Predictive keyboard

    apple watch app design
    Full QWERTY keyboard for the Apple Watch.
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