New York City

A story behind

The StreetEasy brand was acquired by Zillow in August, 2013. At that moment the Anadea team had successfully being worked on Buyfolio for 4 years. Due to the fact that StreetEasy as a brand was more recognizable on the market, it was decided to stop Buyfolio project. Since expertise of our engineers was crucial for the project success, the whole Anadea's Buyfolio team has joined the StreetEasy project.

About StreetEasy

StreetEasy Website

Started as a forestore of the NYC housing market, the product evolved into the real estate marketplace which provides comprehensive information about NYC neighborhoods and spectacular user experience making the process of apartment-hunting less stressful.

The idea behind StreetEasy was much bigger than providing advertisement board. The project had an aim to change the real estate landscape by offering its consumers an experience of navigating not only based on well-known options (like price, amount of bedrooms or amenities) but on neighborhoods as well. Newyorkers value place around their housing as much as the housing itself.

The development

The development team put their efforts to defining the best user experience by doing AB testing and thoroughly analyzing the site analytics. Eventually, different parts of the solution are always under the testing process.

Over the time the Anadea engineers began operating the technological foundation of the product to make sure that the system functions as a whole. Marketing campaigns, 3rd party integrations work secure and their performance satisfies business requirements.

Crucial part of the project is an integration with sources to obtain relevant information of current New York City's building landscape. It allows StreeteEasy to build as relevant as possible map of NYC buildings.

StreetEasy:The development

The driving forces of the project progress:

  • The iterative development together with Test Driven Development and team striving to own the solution makes the delivery flow reliable and predictable.
  • The team uses Behavior Driven Development to create and refine the most accurate user scenarios to make sure that implementation meets client expectations.
  • Taking the continuous feedback from the production site allows the team to predict and prevent potential issues.

StreeteEasy is highly sensitive to user experiences. To make it predictable for the end users, the team is being developed styleguide for UI and Emails, which allow everyone to add new functionality to the product consistently.

Bottom line

Currently, 25 engineers continue their journey with StreeteEasy improving the product from both business and technological perspective. It allows the project to keep its leading position on the NYC real estate market since new updates to StreeteEasy are being delivered to the market several times per day.

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