Web Development Services

Web Development Services

Anadea Inc. provides custom web development services. Web development is our core competency and we have an established approach to working with customers around the world. If you need a website that achieves your business goals, we can design, build, test, and ensure it works perfectly on all devices.

For each project we assemble a dedicated team and put the customer in the center of the development process. Whether you have an idea of how your website should look, or a detailed specification, we use our technical expertise to help you bring it to life. You will benefit from seeing results quickly, and our responsive team can make changes as your new website evolves.

You imagine. We build

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors. We build websites that cater to the needs of millions of web visitors around the world.

Business management. CRM systems, project management and time tracking software, human resources management systems, business analytic apps and paperflow automation tools.

Real estate. Tools for home owners, buyers and tenants, alongside software systems for agents and brokers. We can also do MLS data integration, print advertising, and online marketing solutions.

Education. Learning and testing process automation, personal assessment, students database, and interactive textbooks.

Healthcare. HIPAA-compliant systems for ambulance, home care, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and plastic surgery clinics.

E-commerce. Online marketplace, auctions and group buying websites. Payment gateway integration, billing systems, multi-currency transactions, recurring payments, accounting and reporting tools.

Marketing and advertising. Marketing automation tools, classified ads, affiliate and referral systems.

And many other sectors and industries, such as thematic travel agency, fashion studio or weather forecast service.

Design and technology

To build a modern website that gets results and drives forward growth, you need a great design, a responsive front-end and solid back-end. At Anadea, we have creative designers and experienced engineers armed with a stack of proven technologies. We provide web development on Ruby on Rails and Java platforms.

If you are looking for a reliable company to outsource a web development project, our team is here to help. Contact us!

Our projects

  • agentfolio


    web development
    Agentfolio is a powerful collaboration tool for real estate agents and their clients.
  • getsocio


    web development
    This service aims to assist entrepreneurs to start online business of a daily deal or group buying type.
  • ebookingservices


    web development
    eBookingServices.com is an online service for booking topical vacation packages.
  • listingdoor


    web development
    A SaaS web application for real estate industry with various tools needed to sell homes.