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Everyone craves engagement, entertainment, and connection. Whether it's through sharing their own content or consuming others', people love to be a part of something bigger. With Anadea's social media app development services, you can turn your concept into a truly jaw-dropping app that informs, engages, and fosters user activities, giving your users the ultimate social media experience.

Benefits of social media app development from our experience

Social apps are easy to monetize

Think of dozens of ways to get revenue from your app — inner currency, subscriptions, payments per download, advertising, freemium, sponsors, and so much more. It’s up to you to decide.

Any concept may become extremely popular

Videos? Photos? Voice messages? Podcasts? Rooms? Tweets? What is your killer feature based on?

Brands can go social

Brands try to build a community around them in so many social media sources. But it’s much easier to go the way like Red Bull with its social app designed to support athletes.

Targeting users are endless

Social apps for music lovers, movie discussions, anonymous chats, a social app to ask a question, to find a job, to travel, to cook... Let’s brainstorm your idea together!

Test your new concept

As a full-cycle social network app development company, we provide a complete deck of services for your convenience.

  • Development, testing, and successful launch

    While a backend developer maintains inner structure and website logic, deals with data and calculations, a frontend developer animates the designer’s layout according to the solution’s logic thought out by a backend developer. QA frees the solution of flaws and vulnerabilities ensuring the quality through the development cycle and before the release.

  • Business Analysis

    Business Analysis is an essential part of getting the final result that you actually want. We’ll help you define your business needs and objectives, as well as functional requirements. The core features go to the Minimum Viable Product for you to test the market and come back with improvements you need.

  • Product Visual Concept

    The product visual concept is more than just how appealing and handy for users your product will look and feel. It’s the idea behind all you’ll create, the message, and the answer to the question «who are we and how we differ» in the terms of a product.

  • UX/UI

    We put an additional emphasis on the design of social applications because we expect that they will be used by millions.

  • Market Research

    We can help you with the research of your external business environment — define the business model, conduct market and competitor analysis, and help you target your audience via buyer persona analysis.

  • ASO

    Apart from social media app development services, you can add app store optimization to achieve maximum results much faster.

Let your brand be social

For marketing

Build community, provide opportunities, share your audience interests, explore their needs, investigate their demographics.

Make your brand recognizable

Spread ideas, broaden your reach and build brand’s awareness.

Build PR

Speak out as a brand, promote and find your audience’s trust.

Make the world a better place

Influence and find the solutions for social challenges.

Social media apps types you may be interested in

Let us build you the next worldwide popular dating app like Tinder, Badoo, or Bumble.

Forums, Blogs, Publishing Platforms

Quickly and effectively the development team will create forums, blogs, or publishing platforms.


Chatbots have become true helpers in the tasks of consulting and collecting requests, provide user support, and can even organize the entire sales process in the messenger from the selection of goods to payment and tracking delivery. We can empower them with AI/ML for them to process the natural language.

Social Games

At Anadea, our social media application developers will design social network games with rich features, including chat/messaging tools, multiplayer support, collaborative actions, continuous goals, social network integrations, in-game communities, virtual currency, real-time events, and so much more.

Audio and Video Streaming Platforms

Apart from high-quality video and audio live streaming, these apps need something else to be competitive — content management tools, secure video hosting, top-tier connection, etc. Leave us a request and we’ll consult you on the best options for the project.

Social Media Apps for Friends

Matching algorithms, geolocation, interests, and engaging games, tournaments, or whatever your idea is will help people to make friends.

Career-Based Apps

Do you have in mind to build a career app like Linkedin, Glassdoor, or Indeed and surpass them one day? Let’s start today then, it’s a long road.

Features of social media apps


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