Server administration and maintenance


Anadea Inc. has a team of highly proficient DevOps and we can offer you a strong support in all aspects related to administration and maintenance of Linux-based servers.

Our DevOps participated in almost every project which we delivered to our customers during our many years in business. They have deep expertise in setting up solid server solutions for IT projects of any scale, as well as in ongoing web server administration and optimization. Whether you need a new server or if you are looking for a server maintenance services provider, you can entrust this to our DevOps team.

Our linux server administration services will allow you to create and maintain a stable secure server environment for your Web or mobile applications by means of our expert support in:

  • selecting and setting up web servers, database servers and email servers,
  • server-side software installation and updates,
  • service packs and patch management,
  • setting secure access configurations,
  • installing a continuous integration server with Jenkins,
  • monitoring systems (Newrelic, Munin, Nagios),
  • backup management and disaster recovery.

With our DevOps your server infrastructure will be in strong reliable hands.

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