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Anadea stands out of other medical app development companies due to a wide range of top-notch solutions it delivers. Hospitals, medical and homecare centers, clinics, and many other institutions have already digitized their business and achieved their objectives together with Anadea.

eHealth software developed by Anadea

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At Anadea, we build from scratch, customize, scale, integrate, and modernize Medical and Healthcare solutions.

  • Private Practices and Doctors
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Medical and Healthcare Startups
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Dentistry
  • Eldercare
  • Petcare
  • Patient Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry and Mental Health
  • Сosmetology
Medical Solution developed by Anadea

Entrust Your Project to Professional Healthcare Software Developers

As a top provider of custom healthcare software development services globally, Anadea has the expertise to create high-quality applications of any complexity. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, our team is well-equipped to design and develop a customized solution to meet your business needs. We can also modernize an existing solution or incorporate new features and innovative ideas to enhance its capabilities.

  • Get an easy and effective way to create and manage electronic patient records, prescriptions, orders for lab tests, consultations, etc. within one medical institution.

  • Medical Database Software/
    Medical Research Software

    Make it easy for health professionals to enter patients’ data into a digital platform, where cases are classified according to disease diagnosis to provide sound clinical decisions and for the purpose of medical research.

  • Help administrators in assessing the quality of service rendered by the hospital staff and in performing important tasks with regard to management with hospital management software.

Medical Solution developed by Anadea

Healthcare Software Development Solutions

  • Appointment Scheduling Software

    Maximize the efficiency of the staff and minimize the waiting time of patients with appointment scheduling software. Optimize administer’s routines as clients register online, choose a service, specialist, doctor’s availability, or cancel and reschedule an appointment.

  • Medical Equipment Management Software

    Reduce medical equipment downtime, provide functionality and maintenance of medical devices tracking and monitoring with a custom medical equipment management solution.

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

    Ensures access and secure storage of such information as electronic health records, medical history, laboratory results, prescriptions, etc. that can be shared openly across healthcare service providers for effective treatment with the help of a custom-made EHR.

  • Use a tailored telemedicine solution for a healthcare institution to provide clinical services to the patient from any remote location through a video chat.

  • Medical Diagnosis Software

    Organize information exchange between specialists of different medical fields for fast and reliable diagnosis in the hospital setting with a custom medical diagnosis solution. Add AI-features if needed.

  • E-prescribing Software

    Utilized custom-built e-prescribing software to increase efficiency in providing medications and limiting medication errors to improve patient safety.

Scope, timing and cost of developing Healthcare projects

  • Duration

    14-20 weeks

  • Approximate budget

    $70,000 - $96,000


  • Authentication

    Registration; login; logout; password reset

  • Profile management

    View and edit personal data; change password; delete an account

  • Scheduler

    Work/visit schedule for care workers and clients

  • Health data management

    Complete health questionnaire(s); receive food supplement recommendations; review results

  • Push notifications

    View list of notifications received; be notified about new recommendations; reminders, order updates

  • Admin Panel

    Client management
    Care workers management
    Scheduler management

Patient's data is in
total safety

Quality and security are among top priorities in delivering medical software development services. There are several aspects that ensure of our software products.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

People become more aware of their health. Many of them use a range of health apps every day, not necessarily related to some healthcare institution, ex. This results in an intensive demand in mobile health app development: Healthy Lifestyle Apps, Emergency Apps, Reminders and Medication Tracking Apps, Diet Apps, etc. Get fast and reliably these apps types and many others with a healthcare app development company Anadea.

Healthcare app for mobile by Anadea

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The scope of our projects ranges from individual apps for private clients to large scale national.

  • OnTrac Resident Manager is an EHR system for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities.

  • Vivum Health's Clinician App is a medical app that helps doctors make more informed treatment decisions.

  • A multi-tenant practice management software for medical professionals.

Medical Solution developed by Anadea

Why Cooperating With Anadea?

  • Relevant expertise in healthcare

    custom software development

  • Dedicated medical app developers

    are on point and available whenever needed

  • C1 English

    Clear, straightforward and honest communication

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Compliance with deadlines and budget

  • Honesty and transparency

    regarding healthcare software development services costs

  • Speed and preciseness

    of work exceed expectations of many of our customers

Proven Expertise in Medical and Healthcare App Development

We have acquired significant knowledge in the healthcare domain. Our proven expertise in developing solutions for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, patient management, and improving the skills of healthcare professionals can help you to keep up with digital transformation in healthcare.

  • Medical billing and coding modules

  • Custom scheduler for appointments

  • Contact management

  • Patient management software

  • API integration

    medical devices integration, additional features and modules

  • Reports generator software

  • Rich document management tools

  • Visualization module with charts and graphs

  • Total personal data security

    • HIPAA software security
    • HL7 software
  • Medical Device App Development

  • Messaging systems software

  • International Classification of Diseases

    (ICD-9 & ICD-10) import

  • Newest Technologies

  • Questionnaires


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    Anadea successfully developed the app, which garners positive feedback from pilot users. The team is well-organized and effective, employing excellent communication and collaborative project management. They offer dependable service and deliver quality, customized results.
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    Anadea consistently exceeds expectations by demonstrating their comprehensive understanding of their projects’ goals, delivering high-quality work, and providing creative insights. The agency's ability to code in a variety of languages has proven very useful.
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    The team at Anadea exceeded expectations. Their communicative team delivered a high-quality product. They're responsive, honest, and transparent. Customers can expect a team that delivers remarkable work quickly.
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    I am extremely satisfied, I've been using them for a number of years now and am very happy
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