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The Admiral Markets App is the ultimate mobile application for trading on the go. Users can now trade more than 5,000 markets, including Forex, indices, metals, stocks, and funds while on the go in a user-friendly environment, with convenient features such as margin previews, built-in contract specifications, and customer support channels.


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    High-speed, reliable trading execution

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    Light/dark interface modes

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    Charts with real-time market updates

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    Credit card and document scanning

Why did we launch our app?

Admirals Group AS is a forward-thinking, future-focused brokerage with customers all around the world who expect the latest in convenience and technology. Mobile trading apps have been coming onto the market in recent times, and we knew that we could do better.

We first built an entirely new architecture, in house, which would easily expand in functionality and modularity in the future, ensuring long-term support and development.

This basis for design, as well as the depth of understanding of the principles of clean architecture and the form in which we actually implement it, is the key to the app’s long-term success.

Anadea work on Admiral Markets App

Fintech apps are among the most difficult for implementation. The Anadea team met various challenges during the development process - security adjustments, huge amounts of data to manage, and intricate logic processes, all of which change depending on the user’s country, their status on the trading platform, etc.

  • Security

    The security of personal data is a foremost priority within the Admiral Markets App. All sensitive data is encrypted once submitted. For added user security, biometric security can be utilised as a means to log in to the app, such as a fingerprint or a facial verification. We also applied a short session lifecycle to make the app unusable for unregistered users of a device.

  • Real-time data management

    Each second, a huge amount of data is processed from each of the more than the 5,000 trading instruments available within the app. It’s a challenging task to develop a system which can manage the data memory efficiently while taking into account the limited resources available on a wide range of mobile devices. We've achieved this goal by applying an intelligent subscription/ un-subscription approach to actual quotes in order to allow users to always be up to date with trading data.

    One more tricky thing was to interpret this data in a user-friendly way. The Anadea team built trading charts which display real-time data for every instrument, user P&L information, actual balance state, and more. All this data is available for users at exactly the moment they call for any of the instruments available.

Admirals Interface
  • Payments

    Payment functionality including the deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and exchange options for funds are available via the Checkout service or by bank details via IBAN, which allows customers to fully manage their funds within the app.

  • Complex onboarding logic implementation

    The onboarding process that a new user goes through in order to start trading in the Admiral Markets account has to be simple and approachable. The challenge was to make the process flexible depending on the country and other parameters of the user.

    We implemented complex business logic as a method for generating questionnaires for each special case. We also added the GetID identity verification service integration to make the customer onboarding process fast and easy.

Main Features

  • Trade with either Demo or Live trading accounts

    When users log in for the first time after signing up via email or social media, a demo account is automatically created. Once they learn to use the Admiral Markets app to trade and feel comfortable with the available tools, they can switch into a live account and trade the real markets.

  • Real-time trading of the world's most popular financial instruments

    Users can now trade more than 5,000 markets, including Forex, indices, metals, stocks, and funds while on the go in a user-friendly environment, all in real-time with lightning fast order execution.

  • Account and market quotes monitoring

    Traders see various charts and graphs, analyze and monitor them in real-time, with convenient features such as margin previews, built-in contract specifications, and customer support channels.

  • Manage and protect users positions

    Users can practice safe trading and risk management through the “protect my trade” feature, where they can set their preferred take profit and stop loss parameters.

  • Customer support chat

    The implementation of customer support live chat based on Zendesk service integration was a significant priority in delivering the best possible user experience.

  • Credit card and document scanning

    Users can input their credit card information simply by scanning them with their device’s camera, as well as scanning and adding docs for account verification, making the markets more accessible than ever.

  • Light/dark interface modes

    Depending on user preferences, or the available light they’re working within, users can easily switch between light and dark modes.

More opportunities

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    Ability to create and edit instrument watchlists with their favorite tools

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    Charts with real-time quotation updates and different chart variants

  3. 3

    Two modes available - Invest and Trade

  4. 4

    Conversion of the profit and investment value for any trading instrument into the user’s primary account currency

  5. 5

    In-app update and an in-app review

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    Deposit funds in-app

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    Security Adjustments

  • Technology stack

    Kotlin, Dagger 2, Retrofit, OkHttp3, Room, DataStore, WorkManager, Navigation component

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