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Ask MUMM is a social network (mobile app) that lets people ask friends or strangers questions when it’s difficult to find what people need, or make a choice.


Quick facts about Ask Mumm

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    Social network

    An easy way to reach out to an audience, ask questions, and follow their Ask MUMM’s social account

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    iOS and
    Android apps

    Ask MUMM is available in the App Store and Google Play Store, with positive reviews from users

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    Audience targeting

    Users utilize targeting to reach people they want to ask questions

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    Timeframe for the question to be answered or mark a question as urgent for quick results

Story Behind

Tanya Wakelam is an Australian who wanted people to have a way to ask a wide range of others online questions (thereby encouraging user generated solutions). At this point, the customer didn’t think about monetization or profit from her idea, but wanted, as she said, to “just make people happy”.

The abbreviation MUMM stands for Make Up My Mind. Tanya Wakelam did not accidentally choose such a name. She wanted the name Ask MUMM to subconsciously cause the “ask mom” association (mom as a person you trust and who you can turn to for advice).

The main
app features

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    It’s an easy way to set a timeframe for the question to be answered or mark a question as urgent for quick results.

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    With this feature, users are able to target the audience they appreciate to get an answer from. It may be followers that correspond to the set filter conditions, or any other unknown app users.

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    Social network

    Users can find their friends or follow people they like to build their network to have relevant advice and fun.

  • Ask a question

    Users can add a text/photo/video question, multiple answers in the form of texts/photos, set time they would like the question to be answered, and then send to friends, anonymous people, or both.

  • Receive a question

    When users receive questions, they will select one of the answers options. They have the option of adding a comment. If the question is not answered within the time set, it will disappear from a received questions page.

  • Answered questions

    If the sender permits, users will be able to see the results of answered questions for 24hrs after the time set expires and it disappears.

Tanya Wakelam
Thank you! You are AMAZING! I just would like to extend my gratitude to you for building this awesome app for me. I know you have worked very hard and have spent a lot of time getting this app perfect for me. I really appreciate it. You have all far exceeded my expectations when I started on this little journey of mine.
Tanya Wakelam
Founder of Ask MUMM

More than just a solution

Ask MUMM was successfully added to Google Play and App Store, and it now has a 5.0 score and very positive feedback from users. There isn’t anything comparable on the market, even within the largest social networks. We are happy to embody our customer’s fresh ideas and dreams and be a part of this success story.

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