Fitness App Development Company

On-demand fitness apps that work! We specialize in crafting fitness solutions that not only draw users to your app but also inspire them to achieve their fitness goals. We do it by taking into account key factors such as your target audience, their lifestyle, competition, and incorporating exceptional UX/UI design and top-quality tech realization.

Fitness App Development Services

We provide test-driven development and follow principles of clean code. We assure you that as a result of our collaboration a great fitness solution will be designed to fit the market and meet users' expectations, inspire, motivate and engage them.

Wearable fitness app development

Wearable devices such as smartwatches already have in-build modes for workouts and health tracking. But they often lack many specific apps and there’s still a chance to find a great opportunity. Anadea fitness app developers can assist you with that.

Diet and nutrition app development

Diet and nutrition apps are one of the top-rated fitness mobile apps among people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Calorie calculation, nutrition plans with the balance of proteins, fats, and carbs, recipes, and consultations from dietitians and nutritionists are in great demand. Combine it with stunning UX/UI and responsiveness, and you’ll get a winning combination.

Workout/Exercise fitness app development

Gym, outdoor, and home workouts with well-developed training programs for any user and goal. Custom fitness solutions should contain maps with facilities, detailed statistics of achievements, live streaming, gamification, and integration with eCommerce platforms. We can build all these features and much more from scratch on your demand.

Competitive fitness app development

A challenge wellness app is comparatively a new trend. Adding fun and competitive mood, a communication module, stats and ratings, and common challenges drive people’s permanent motivation. Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Activity tracking app development

One of the most demanded features of this type of solution is syncing with smartwatches. Correct data transfer from one device to another is quite a challenge. Entrust this to professionals.

E-commerce apps

Beautifully designed fitness eCommerce apps with a wide variety of items, handy navigation, advanced filters, informative descriptions, and an attractive digital showcase. We create them intuitive and easy to use.

Fitness App Development Company That Addresses Your Needs

App usability improvement

We can provide first-class work on usability improvement, following Usability Heuristics; making better user flow, A/B tests, performance, accessibility, security, and other essential things in your app.

Ensuring rock-solid performance

We can help you with your solution optimization - from code and architecture to image and other media optimization. Entrust it to a proficient fitness app development company.

Building user engagement

We’ll help you to reduce the user churn and increase the time and frequency of sessions, customer lifetime value, conversion rate, and average revenue per user by simply driving your users’ engagement. We know how.

Increasing app security

Fitness apps are the kind of solutions that contain lots of personal data. It’s essential to keep them safe, especially when it comes to health. We’ll help to store data securely.

“We made it very simple instead of trying to make it all complex. And now we have over 20,000 players.”

Sebastian Duque,
Founder of Plei, soccer field management app

Fitness App Features That Make the Difference

  • Advanced user profiles

  • Workout scheduling

  • Push notifications

  • Social features

  • Video libraries

  • Geolocation tracking

  • Gamification

  • Live chats

  • Video conferencing

  • Third-party integrations

  • Synchronization with wearables

  • Nutrition plan and calorie counting

  • Educating lessons

  • Map with sports facilities

  • Map with sports facilities

  • Navigator and route building

  • Streams

  • Weather forecast

  • Call a coach to discuss progress and mistakes

  • Playing a user’s playlist in the background


New technologies are revolutionizing the way sports are watched, organized and played all over the globe and we are excited to be involved in this process.

All people, who start playing sports, be it golf, tennis or squash, want to become better players. And the excellence in sport have no limits.

Besides the passion to play soccer, there are three key elements needed to make the game happen: time, team and space.

Playing team sports is more enjoyable than exercising alone. They do not only help you get active and fit, they add an exciting element of competition and let you have fun while socializing.

Why Choose Anadea to Develop a Fitness Application

Experienced developers

Our team can find a competent solution to a complex task or issue. We have resources of engineers with different backgrounds and specializations and thus can cover big and complex projects.

Domain expertise

For more than 20 years we specialize in health and fitness app development for the Sports and Fitness Industry. Customers that entrusted us with their projects admit it was a great choice.

Complete deck of services

Anadea team has competency to cover any need and requirement under product development life cycle and much more. We provide a complete deck of development services of the top quality.

Transparent process

The process of working with us is transparent. No information is ever hidden from the client. We discuss challenges openly and don't form expectations that are irrelevant to the situation. Thus we build trust.

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