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penetration testing

It takes skill and effort to hack a complex system. To act like a hacker, having every possible strategy in mind, it takes even more. At Anadea, we jump into the shoes of the most seasoned cyber attackers, all to make sure the real ones are powerless against your unbreakable system.

Why bother?

Security =

Without one, there’s no other.

These days, everyone can fall victim to stolen user data and exposed sensitive information. Stakes are high: taking the risk and skipping testing is simply not worth it.

The solution?

Don’t fear hackers — hire them!

Anadea fights to detect security issues with
the persistence of a hacker fighting for data.

A professional penetration test company enables you to:

Be ahead of cyber threats,

proactively unearthing and fixing vulnerabilities before attackers strike

Boost customer trust,

showing the world your commitment to enhancing security

Elevate your products,

transforming insights from pen tests into a superior solution

Our penetration test services

Web application testing

Have your web applications tested for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF. Our experts use tools like Burp Suite and OWASP ZAP for dynamic analysis, ensuring secure coding practices and the validation of protocols like TLS/SSL for data transmission security. Testing targets are:

  • Websites
  • Web services
  • APIs
  • Client applications

Mobile application testing

Get your iOS and Android apps examined for security flaws, including data storage issues, weak server-side controls, and data leakage. Within application penetration testing services, our team employs dynamic analysis tools like Drozer and Frida and uses Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) for static analysis, focusing on API security and protection of sensitive data. Scope of testing:

  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • and apps on other platforms

Server testing

Ensure your servers, both physical and virtual, are thoroughly evaluated for vulnerabilities. Our approach concentrates on server configurations, software updates, and security controls, using tools like Metasploit and Burp Suite to test services like FTP, SSH, and SMB, while maintaining up-to-date and resilient server security. We test:

  • Web servers
  • Database servers
  • File servers, etc.

IoT device testing

Have your smart home systems, industrial controllers, and other IoT devices tested with our pen test services. Our process includes network penetration testing, firmware analysis, and assessing wireless communication protocols like Zigbee and Bluetooth, ensuring secure device-to-cloud communication and robust API interactions. We analyze:

  • Smart home devices
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial controllers

Cloud testing

Elevate your cloud security to new heights with our specialized penetration testing services. Targeting the unique complexities of cloud infrastructure, we conduct an in-depth analysis of critical components to ensure your cloud environment is impervious to cyber threats. Our detailed evaluations include:

  • Cloud data storage
  • Cloud-based applications
  • Virtual network configurations

Penetration testing consulting

Rely on our penetration testing expertise to get concrete strategies and advice on improving your cybersecurity. Our consultants will provide specific, actionable plans for testing and securing your systems, along with practical training for your team to identify and mitigate cyber threats efficiently. Upon penetration testing consulting, you get:

  • Tailored security assessments
  • Strategic improvement plans
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Get the best of manual and automated testing

Our approach to pen testing services combines the best of manual and automated test methods. Merge the detailed focus of manual testing with the efficiency of automation.

Manual precision & expertise

Manual precision &

Automated efficiency & coverage

Automated efficiency &

Rely on the expertise of cybersecurity professionals for in-depth, tailor-made testing scenarios.

Benefit from automated tools for rapid vulnerability identification, ensuring wide coverage.

Our experts delve deep into your system, offering unparalleled precision in identifying vulnerabilities.

We're vigilant about the limitations of automated testing, including the possibility of false results—we ensure all findings are thoroughly verified.

We understand the time and scale considerations in manual testing and strategically apply it where it yields the most benefit.

Automated testing complements our manual efforts, contributing to a well-rounded and comprehensive security analysis.

Black box, white box, and everything in between

Same applies to methodologies where the tester’s knowledge of the system is key. We’re here for your system’s cyber integrity, finding the right mix of black box and white box pen testing methods.

Black box testing

Mimics real-world hacking with no prior system knowledge; testers use external data inputs and public information, like domains and IP addresses, for attack simulation. While highly realistic, it's labor-intensive and costly.

Black box testing
White box testing

White box testing

Offers complete system understanding, including source code, architecture, and documentation. Testers have full knowledge upfront, enabling faster and more thorough vulnerability detection. Provides extensive coverage and deep analysis.

Gray box testing

Combines black and white box testing benefits, giving testers partial system knowledge. A more efficient method, offering a focused assessment without needing exhaustive details. Ideal when both external and internal security evaluations are needed.

Gray box testing

Accepting pen testing challenges with courage

Penetration testing has its considerations that should be approached with special attention. Experts at our pen testing firm not only accept these challenges but effectively mitigate associated risks.

Security with third-party exposure

Security with third-party exposure

In penetration testing, revealing system vulnerabilities to outsiders is inevitable. We mitigate this risk by establishing trust with thoroughly vetted, reliable testing partners, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your sensitive data.

Accuracy in results despite constraints

Accuracy in results despite constraints

Recognizing financial limitations, we focus on delivering impactful results from each pen test. Our method involves a structured response to findings, ensuring effective resolution of vulnerabilities. This prevents a false sense of security and maximizes the efficacy of the testing process.

How it goes, step by step

1 Polygon

Planning and reconnaissance

We start with an in-depth planning phase, defining the test scope and gathering key intelligence about your system. This sets the stage for a targeted testing approach.

2 Polygon

Gaining access (Exploitation)

Utilizing tactics like XSS and SQLi, we replicate real-world attacks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities, assessing the potential impact and strengthening your defense mechanisms.

3 Polygon

Access preservation

Simulating persistent threats, this phase tests your system’s resilience against ongoing unauthorized access, crucial for understanding the effectiveness of your security.

4 Polygon


Concluding with detailed analysis, our report delivers insights into the vulnerabilities exploited and data accessed, coupled with strategic recommendations for bolstering your security.

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