This service aims to assist entrepreneurs to start online business of a daily deal or group buying type. Websites created with Getsocio are highly adjustable and can perform as a regular e-commerce store.

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More than 1000 sites are powered by Getsocio


Group buying business model appeared a few years ago. It was a fresh idea of a website with highly discounted deals and that is why it has become so popular in a short time period. This model is good for both parties: customers get products and services at the best price while merchants gain new customers.

At the peak of group buying popularity Anadea company received multiple requests from customers to build daily deal websites. After we mastered this area, it was decided to develop a platform that would allow anybody to create group buying website in a couple of minutes. This was the starting point for Getsocio.

The project pioneers

The whole idea of Getsocio project, as well as the project's name, was suggested by Maxim Romashchenko. He, as a project manager, engaged engineers Sergey Kachan and Igor Afonov to develop system's backend. The first development stage was started in early 2010. The main goal was to create a minimum viable product that would allow a user to get a fully functional daily deal website in a few clicks. During the work process our engineers did their best to stick to Agile development rules. Our framework of choice was Ruby on Rails - it proved to be very suitable for rapid development of a startup.

The main goal was to create a minimum viable product that would allow a user to get a fully functional daily deal website in a few clicks.

At the next stage it was decided to involve a web designer to the project - Mikhail Bilenko. His task was to create a few website looks that would fit most of the customers. Besides website front-end, Mikhail was in charge of designing the interface for admin section. And later, many Getsocio customers emphasized in their feedback that they found the interface of admin panel very professional and user-friendly.

  • Getsocio: home
  • Getsocio: admin payment settings
  • Getsocio: admin new deal
  • Getsocio: admin deals
  • Getsocio: how it works

As soon as the first graphic mockups were ready, a front-end engineer Andrey Bakuta joined the team and started design implementation. He not only applied the designs provided by Mikhail, but also suggested some important adjustments to make the overall product better.

The most essential and needed features were included to the first release in March 2010 - a significant date in Getsocio history. Later more launch scopes came up with wider functionality set. And nowadays we continue developing Getsocio and put all efforts to improve our product.

In production

From the very beginning we were making a minimum viable product with a set of features that could satisfy an exacting customer.

First and foremost, the engineers developed the functionality for a website creating. A new user could make just a few clicks and get own customizable e-commerce application with presetted layouts. This application had all core features common to daily deal websites (a today's deal, a tipping point, recent deals section, etc.) and two widely used payment processors - and PayPal.

Along with the core features the mass mailing agent was built into Getsocio platform. Emails with deals are the main connecting link between a group buying site and its subscribers, so we not only have developed fully functional mailer, but also achieved the newsletter to look elegant in all common email clients.

Nowadays Getsocio is a mature SaaS. It is difficult to list and describe all Getsocio features comprehensively in a single review. However, it makes sense to mention main of them:

  • Various deal types

    possibility to choose between 3 types of deals: services (coupons to establishments), goods (physical items to be shipped) and electronic vouchers (certificates to online shops).

    Group buying

    sets a minimum amount of items to be bought before the deal is activated. It’s a great way to naturally encourage your buyers to invite their friends and spread the word about your site.W

    Shopping cart

    with its help customers can buy multiple items at a time.

    Variety of payment methods

    accept payments almost all over the world using integrated payment systems.

    Multiple currencies

    set preferred currency on your website depending on the area the deals are offered in, the currency will be converted automatically if needed.

  • Email newsletter

    your visitors can subscribe to receive email notifications about active deals.

    Multiple languages

    translate your site to any language, even RTL based.

    Mobile apps

    an easy way for your customers to purchase deals using their smartphones.

    Private label website

    use your own domain name to remove any relations to Getsocio. Nobody will even know that you are using a ready-made service.

    Easy customizations

    customize the website by choosing any of available themes, uploading logo and background. Use HTML and CSS to make more advanced modifications.

This list is not complete. Keeping up with the times, we regularly update Getsocio with new functionality which helps Getsocio to be a state-of-the-art product.

Before and after

Getsocio: before and after

Web 2.0

Anadea engineers always follow the latest web standards and use cutting edge technologies. Getsocio is developed according to the principles of Web 2.0. and has many of its components.

Getsocio lives a social life. Not only the company itself has profiles in the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, but also all the websites created with Getsocio platform can be easily connected with any of these networks.

Getsocio has its blog and wiki. Here we share all the interesting and helpful information about our project and about everything that has something to do with e-commerce.

Getsocio: Facebook integration Getsocio: Twitter integration Getsocio: Web 2.0 Getsocio: built-in RSS feed Getsocio: Google+ integration Getsocio: promotion features

There is an RSS feed built-in to the Getsocio websites. It lets buyers follow daily deals via their favourite news-feed reader.

Getsocio offers widgets with deals that can be used to bring more traffic to the site. Getsocio's API also allows hosted sites to communicate with third-party aggregation services to attract more people to the site.

Getsocio pages use AJAX which allows to load up just pieces of the page instead of the entire page. Thus, the information is passed back and forth seamlessly. It makes the platform dynamic and responsive.

There are referral and affiliate programs available on Getsocio-powered websites. The first one rewards customers when they refer a friend to the site, while the second tracks the statistics of new customers brought by affiliate companies to the site.

Getsocio has embedded a number of popular third party services :

  • Google Maps

    allow to pinpoint deal location on the map and power their visual expression.

  • Google Analytics

    service gathers detailed information about quantity of website visits, their duration, user locations, tags applied while deal searching, etc. This statistics helps the business owner to make marketing effective.

  • MailChimp

    service can be used as an additional tool for mass-mailing when it is needed to send unlimited number of custom emails.

Mobile applications

It is well-known that ease of use is one of the success factors of any web application. Nowadays people tend to use their smartphones and tablets more frequently than computers, so it is hard to imagine a website with no mobile version.

As a modern web service, Getsocio puts efforts to attract more customers, that is why it was decided to provide mobile applications for the most widely used platforms - iOS and Android.

The first mobile client for Android was developed in January, 2012 by our mobile developers Dmitriy Stropalov and Dmitriy Bondarenko. A little later, an iOS application was released. It was developed by Andrey Kutejko under the guidance of Vyacheslav Dodatko.

Getsocio mobile applications provide a smart design template and allow the customer to upload a company's logo and a splash screen. The mobile application should have less functionality than the main website, it should give users an access to the most important options only. Thus, with our mobile app customers are able to view active deals, buy them, mark the coupons as used, create an account, modify account settings.

  • Getsocio mobile: deal details
  • Getsocio mobile: not used coupons
  • Getsocio mobile: cards
  • Getsocio mobile: purchased coupons
  • Getsocio mobile: card details
  • Getsocio mobile: options

Team and Technology

  • Maxim Romashchenko
    Maxim Romashchenko
  • Slava Dodatko
    Slava Dodatko
  • Sergey Kachan
    Sergey Kachan
    Universal developer
  • Alexey Olefirenko
    Alexey Olefirenko
  • Andrey Bakuta
    Andrey Bakuta
    Frontend team leader
  • Mikhail Bilenko
    Mikhail Bilenko
    Creative team leader
  • Dmitriy Lyalyuev
    Dmitriy Lyalyuev
  • Andrey Kutejko
    Andrey Kutejko
    Universal developer/Mentor
  • Galyna Kustova
    Galyna Kustova
    Business Development Manager
  • Tatyana Ryzhkova
    Tatyana Ryzhkova
  • Daria Lopukhina
    Daria Lopukhina
    Digital marketer
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Release date:
March 2010
Ruby on Rails


The platform is constantly maintained and upgraded by Getsocio core team of engineers: Sergey Kachan, Andrey Bulava, Andrey Bakuta and system administrator Dmitriy Lyalyuev.

I would like to say that I am very impressed with your product, your team did a great job. Getsocio helps me a lot in daily deal business and I will continue our partnership with pleasure. Keep it up! One of Getsocio customers.

Getsocio provides users with online technical support. Galina Volokhova and Tatyana Ryzhkova are responsible for customer assistance. The girls help Getsocio users to setup websites according to their business preferences, they also support already launched websites by assisting in communication and issues resolving with buyers.

In order for users to get acquainted with the e-commerce, to inspire new customers to register a daily deal business and to inform about new updates, Getsocio blog is kept. Valeria Zarutska was the first who made a significant input into the blog running. A bit later Dariya Lopukhina joined Getsocio as a marketing manager to promote the platform in the Internet.


Despite that Getsocio is quite a young service, it has become popular and gained confidence among its customers. This is proved by multiple sites registered on our platform a while ago and still providing cool deals to their customers. Some of these sites are local-oriented and provide deals in a certain area, some of them offer national deals of a certain category, others sell deals to a particular audience. This means that Anadea company has developed multi-purpose sophisticated software which has been well promoted and successfully launched to the market.

The evolution of Getsocio goes on. On April 7, 2016, a new release of Getsocio with massive updates took place. The main objective of this release was to make Getsocio ready to become a truly general-purpose e-commerce platform.

More considerable changes are on the way! Read about recent updates in our blog.

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