Competent Mobile Learning Application Development

We craft fully featured, streamlined, user-friendly, multi-platform apps that are good for e-learning, remote training, on-the-job training, and situational teaching.

Custom mLearning App Development Services

We build domain-targeted mobile learning solutions

  • Corporate Learning App

    Educate your staff, train, and keep up-to-date with current business developments. Anadea will build custom apps to assist you to do a range of things from customer-service training to HR management and recruitment solutions.

  • Learning Apps for Kids

    Our team specializes in creating learning apps for kids with highlighted usability, ease-of-use, and accessibility for children, all while working to maintain 100% engagement. Let your apps teach everything from increased vocabulary to advanced logic skills.

  • Language Learning App

    Anadea will help you with building a proper app for language learners. Give them a means to an end - a tool for setting goals, tracking progress, rewarding hard work, multi-level course building, and AI-powered learner’s skill identification, or making contact between teacher and student for training language skills.

Special Education Apps

Learning must be fun and easy for everyone. Let us help with learning apps designed for people with a range of conditions from autism or dyslexia to people with vision problems. Mobile accessibility is the key to success and our developers specialize in it. Help them learn through cognitive play, increase their communication skills and motor skills.

Quizzes, Tests, Questionnaires Constructors

Market overview of mLearning apps

According to Global Market insights, industry size for mobile learning apps was valued at USD 20 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at over 13% CAGR through 2026, with increased affordability of data plans and higher awareness.

Experts expect the growth in the portable learning market. Innovation in the portable learning industry has taken on a huge part in empowering the learning process. Government administrations of Europe countries support the adoption of mobile learning solutions to strengthen the education system.

Also, a 5% growth rate of the U.S. mobile and video-based courseware solution segment will be witnessed through 2026. A certain interest to mLearning becomes evident in every region all over the world. M-learning coordinates the procedures of the study adaptability. Cutting-edge portable/remote innovation makes learning an extraordinary, productive and proficient learning experience.

Let’s empower end-to-end engagement and efficiency of the learning process

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    Give staff points for doing a good job.

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    Clear UI/UX

    Easy to understand GUIs and intuitive learning features.

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    Analytics and progress tracking

    Track progress or track interactions with your apps.

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    Audio-video calls

    Have tutors speak directly to their students.

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    Exams preparation automation

    Host revision services on your apps.

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    Student Progress Tracking

    Track and update teachers on student progress.

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    AI/ML - powered features

    Auto-adjust content to suit the learning level of your students.

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    API services integration

    Governmental institutions, inner business systems, etc.

Final product exclusive quality

References, past customers, and finished undertakings speak for themselves when dealing with our team. You are assured of a good product when you work with us.

Best you can get of mobile learning app development company

  • Top-class team

    Elite IT ability is what you get when you work with us. You get the best programming engineers, all of whom are ready to create your app.

  • Ease of communication

    Our team is well versed in English. Additionally, our work will be coordinated with your work process throughout the working cycle.

  • Relevance and Modernity

    We ensure your preferred product upgrades follow the most recent security conventions for guarding information and programming items.

Featured Projects

Custom eLearning solutions developed by Anadea are targeted towards taking educational experiences to the next level of interactivity and accessibility.

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