Software Development Services

Empower education process engagement and efficiency with elearning software development services.

Key Features

We integrate e-learning software development knowledge and experience to empower end-to-end engagement and efficiency of the educational process.

  • Payment gateway integrations

  • Data security

  • Gamification

  • Multimedia/Content creation

  • Live communication

  • Quizzes, tests, questionnaires constructors

  • Standards: SCORM, xAPI, LTI

  • API: 3rd party services

How we can help

At Anadea, education software development company, we build from scratch, customize, scale, integrate, and modernize Ed-tech and e-learning solutions for:

  • Entrepreneurs and professionals

  • Commercial Education institutions

  • Professional and Higher Education

  • Startups

  • Early Childhood development

  • Skills development

  • Governmental Institutions

  • Primary and Secondary Education

  • Self-development

  • Apollo Enterprises

Why cooperate with Anadea?

Private and public educational institutions and business executives from the corporate sector turn to us for custom development services. Anadea is a recognized education app development company , where we provide elearning software development services of a full range of solutions for the sector.

eLearning software developers

are at hand whenever needed

Honesty and transparency

regarding development services costs

Speed and preciseness

of work exceed expectations of many of our customers

C1 English

clear, straightforward and honest communication

Relevant expertise

as an educational app development company


compliance with deadlines and budget

Scope, timing and cost of developing eLearning projects

  • Duration

    7-8 weeks

  • Approximate budget



  • Authentication

    Registration, login/logout,password reset, skip registration, see terms of use/ Privacy Policy.

  • Live Classes

    View list/info of live classes, accept/cancel live class, to be notified when live class starts, choose better time, join to the live class.

  • Personal Profile

    View and update personal data, change password, delete account.

  • List of levels

    View list of levels, view level details.

  • Payments

    View added bank cards, add bank card, delete bank card.

  • Test Language Level

    Start/finish the test, show level, view answers, skip the test.

  • Subscription

    View subscriptions plans, view history of transactions, buy a subscription, restore subscription, unsubscribe.

  • Introduction video

    View introduction, choose options.

  • Admin Panel

    Authentication, users' management, levels' management, live classes.

Custom elearning solutions

Anadea has more than 20 years of experience in delivering long-term business value to complex tasks through technology for Education Sphere.

The team will create a solution from scratch, modernize an existing one, support, or enhance it with new features.

  • eLearning apps development

    Various kinds of educational mobile apps for school children, students, teachers, self-education, and different kinds of purposes designed to your needs.

  • Learning Experience Platform

    Supply trainers, learners, and others involved in education with information, tools, and resources to enhance education delivery and management on one platform.

  • Learning Management System

    Anadea will create software for any administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting needs. Deliver educational courses, training programs, planning, and evaluation of a learning process.

  • Knowledge management solutions

    Provide a single access point to a knowledge base in a large organization. Store, manage and deliver information in various formats to every knowledge management solution user.

  • Education administration software

    Automate regular administrative processes in educational institutions, such as scheduling, curricular building, student and personnel personal information storage, control students’ progress, and visualize metrics.

  • Tutorial software

    Let students master their knowledge in an effective and easy way. In a step-by-step manner, provide them lessons on a specific topic, then practice and knowledge assessment.

  • Online training software

    This software type aims at practical skills applying and mastering knowledge. Anadea will design the system for specific educational needs by your request.

  • Drill and practice educational software

    Ensure students with consistent practice and mastering materials or procedures they have encountered previously. Speed up their progress with drill and practice educational software.

  • Education assessment software

    Provide students with access to tests and examinations in a handy virtual environment. Let them observe their achievements, scores, progress and results to make their studies more effective.

  • Corporate e-learning solutions

    Reduce costs on staff education, automate interns training without instructors, textbooks, or printed learning materials, save on equipped classrooms and enable training directly at workplaces for your office or distributed team.

  • Digital learning platform

    Provide education staff with a useful digital learning platform to make learning more interesting and interactive for students and offer lessons that can be personalized for each student.

  • E-learning platform

    Supply trainers, learners, and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance education delivery and management on a single platform.

eLearning Development Services
We Provide

  • UX/UI

    Stunning and handy visual interfaces.

  • Frontend development

    Everything that you can see or click.

  • Backend development

    Magic under the hood.


    Be visible in search results.

  • Business analysis

    Make your requirements clear to developers.

  • 3d party integrations

    Maps, payment systems, social platforms through APIs.

  • Legacy migration

    Get your outdated software moved to the cloud.

  • Mobile app development

    Be closer to your users with mobile apps.

  • Adding new features

    to evolutionize your product.

  • QA and Testing

    Ensure the quality of the final product.

Business stories of our clients—eLearning startup founders

“Our platform is used by thousands of students every year”

Pascal Klein photo

Pascal Klein,
Co-founder of Ham-Nat Coach educational platform

“We had ROI in just 2 days after launch”

Giuseppe Ferrara photo

Giuseppe Ferrara,
Co-founder of Pro-Med elearning platform

And the reviews!


  • quote-icon
    The app that Anadea built was well-received. Their team keeps the project moving through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout the engagement. The ability to turn constructive feedback into implementable, on-time deliverables is a hallmark of their work.
    E-Learning Test Prep App Development
  • quote-icon
    Anadea allocated a full-fledged team of software engineers to rapidly build and launch the final product. Within just six months, the team had delivered the requested platform. Efficient project management including regularly scheduled calls ensured a smooth workflow.
    Web Development for Online Classroom
  • quote-icon
    The team at Anadea exceeded expectations. Their communicative team delivered a high-quality product. They're responsive, honest, and transparent. Customers can expect a team that delivers remarkable work quickly.
    Platform Dev for Medical Testing Service

Technology expertise

Our technology expertise includes but not limited to:

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • SASS
    • LESS
    • JavaScript ES5/ES6
    • React
    • Angular.js
    • Redux
    • Mobx
    • Apollo GraphQL
    • Webpack
  • Back end & Servers

  • Mobile Platforms

  • Database Management

    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • Apache Solr
    • Elasticsearch
  • Automation Testing

    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Selenium WebDriver
    • Cucumber
    • Rspec
    • Capybara
    • Pytest
    • CI
      • Jenkins
      • Circle CI
      • Drone CI
  • Mobile & API Testing

    • Postman
    • Charles
    • Braze
    • Fabric.io
    • GraphQL
    • Firebase Test Lab
    • Calabash
  • API

    • WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication)
    • Payment Gateways
    • Mail Services
  • Cloud Platforms

    • AWS
    • GCP
    • Digital Ocean

Have questions?

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions about our education software development workflow answered by our professionals.

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