E-learning App and Software Development

E-learning App and Software Development

Modern learning methods and practices rely on technology. Schools, students and teachers use web and mobile apps to study, submit work and collaborate together. eLearning platforms have made it possible for anyone with an Internet connection or smartphone to study anything, from anywhere in the world.

At Anadea, we design and develop custom eLearning solutions tailored to your needs, customers and objectives. We are proud to serve the industry leaders such as First Code Academy and to delight them with our service.

Globally, the eLearning sector is on track to exceed $330 billion in 2025, according to the latest research. Annual growth rates are around 7%. Both students and educators support the adoption of digital learning technologies and practices. Now is the perfect time to bring a new course or learning solution to market.

  • Educational software industry growth the eLearning market annual growth
  • eLearning market size projected eLearning market size by 2025
  • Students want personalized support of students want personalized support
  • Students raised grades of students raised their grades with eLearning

The major challenges that educational institutions face:

  • The need for personalized learning, that off-the-shelf education
    software solutions are not able to provide.

  • Making education accessible to all through enhancing the educational
    practices and tools in order to bridge the geographical gap and cater
    for more diverse group of learners.

  • Increasing the quality of education, which requires adopting new
    administrative procedures, learning techniques and technologies.

How we can help

At Anadea, we help our clients address the challenges they face in the classrooms and learning environments. We create educational software and e-learning apps that allow them to deliver virtual learning experiences crafted to their specific needs, improve the educational outcomes, manage the operational aspects and generate new revenue for their business.

We provide education software development services to:

  • EdTech startups and businesses

  • Educational institutions and training centers

  • Enterprises developing an educational app for their employees

If you are looking to implement a new online learning system or enhance an existing one, we are here to help. Be it a desktop, web or mobile education app, we can assist you in creating an elegant UI, developing and testing your software to ensure that everything works the way you want it to and integrating it with all related systems and tools.

As an established e-learning app development company, we can help you build the software you dream of.

We have expertise in:

  • Online training software Online training software
  • LMS Learning management systems
  • Mobile educational app Mobile educational apps
  • Corporate e-learning solutions Corporate eLearning solutions
  • eLearning gamification eLearning gamification software
  • Exam prep program Exam prep programs
  • Interactive education platform Interactive education platforms
  • Video streaming and social app Video streaming and social applications

Why work with Anadea?

Anadea has been creating tailor-made eLearning solutions since 2000 and successfully completed a slew of EdTech software projects for educational organizations and businesses across the world. We leverage our strong technology expertise to help our clients keep up with the evolving educational requirements and trends.

  • 15+ years of experience in eLearning software development.

  • 200+ projects delivered, including 15+ projects for the education industry.

  • We are trusted by the industry leaders, such as First Code Academy (see CodeCoach)
    and Dansk Psykologisk Forlag (see STAV Online).

  • We run external and internal educational courses and thus have a deep understanding
    of tutors and learners needs

  • With 4 offices in 3 countries (Ukraine, Belarus and Spain) we can efficiently collaborate
    with EdTech businesses across wide geography.

  • Having an in-house team of 100+ IT professionals, we offer full-stack development
    capabilities and can cope with eLearning projects of any scope and complexity.

  • We offer high quality education solutions development services at a reasonable cost.

Our clients recommend us! We've got an excellent feedback for the project that involved development of a test prep application: "It's been a series of good experiences resulting in the on-time, on-budget delivery of project that is stronger as a result of everyone involved." - check full review on Clutch.co.

You will enjoy our fine-tuned development process, transparency of project management, ease and comfort of communication with our software engineers!

Project examples

eLearning Development FAQs

  • How long does it take to make an educational app?
    The time needed to develop an app for education depends on the platforms you target
    (Android, iOS, web or desktop), level of UI/UX design, set of features and infrastructure.
    Check our guide to calculating the development timeline for eLearning projects or request
    an estimation from our experts.

  • How much does it cost to build an app for education?
    The cost of developing an educational app or website is based on the amount of time needed
    to implement all your requirements and developers' rates. Visit our app cost calculator for an
    indicative cost estimate or contact us to get an accurate quote for your project.

  • What information do you need to provide an estimate?
    To evaluate the scope of work we need to clearly understand how your app should look and
    work. You can send us your project details (user roles, workflows, feature descriptions, etc.) for
    review. However, the best way is to arrange a call with our expert to discuss your requirements.

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