E-learning App and Software Development

IT technologies have greatly influenced modern learning practices. Web and mobile apps are now used to enrich conventional classroom activities or even to completely convert them into digital format. We design and develop unique e-learning and educational solutions customized to your objectives, including learning management systems, online platforms for conducting distant education courses, skills measurement and gamified learning applications.

Key features

Developing an e-learning software involves creating a full-functional virtual classroom for students and digital tools for educators to help them deliver engaging, effective courses and manage studying process.

  • License management icon License management
  • Teacher dashboard icon Teacher dashboard
  • Lessons and questionnaires library icon Lessons and questionnaires library
  • Live streaming of the courses icon Live streaming of the courses
  • Student profiles icon Student profiles
  • Collaboration around the content icon Collaboration around the content
  • Gamification icon Gamification
  • Progress statistics icon Progress statistics


There is already an established market of e-learning software development and a number of versatile ready-to-use products.

Coursera | An online platform which offers a wide range of courses (MOOCs) in diverse subjects generated by professors from numerous educational institutions.

Udacity | An educational service providing massive open online courses from Stanford and Google experts with a prime focus on technical subjects.

CanopyLab | A learning platform for youth which delivers interactive classes by NGOs (not universities) on topics like human rights, politics and journalism.

360training | An e-learning marketplace for professional development and continuing education in a wide range of industries.

Universal solutions often don't meet the needs of schools or teachers who want to bring in personalized experiences and models of teaching. This is when custom educational app development services come handy.

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