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6 Amazing Tips to Improve M-Commerce UX


If you've ever used your smartphone or tablet to do some online shopping, pay bills, redeem coupons, or board a flight with your e-boarding pass, then you've just contributed to the growing customer base of mobile commerce users.

10 Tips to Improve Usability of Your App

How to improve usability of your app

Today, we have millions of apps that are available in different marketplaces such as Google Play Store and Apple Store. In order to minimize congestion on their screens and be a high-quality product, mobile apps focus on the interface design that works effectively. One of the tricks that mobile owners use is the review of the user experience.

Emotionally Intelligent Design: Why You Need It in Your Mobile App

Emotionally intelligent design

We use various applications every day - document management, driving assistance, dictionaries, workout tracking, brain puzzles, local weather, barcode scanners. There are as many apps in App Store and Google Play as stars in the sky. Now think of the applications that are now in your smartphone. Can you name at least 5 reasons why you have chosen the app that you use now over the other?

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