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5 Tips to Build a Personal Financial App

Personal financial app

The idea of tracking expenses came to mind of almost every person at least for once. According to the Board of Governors report, 70% of adults use personal finance applications to track their spending and to follow the budget. The family budget is the same accounting as in business and it can't be denied that financial management software makes it much easier.

How to Increase Your Mobile App User Retention

Increasing Mobile App User Retention

Loyal customers are the foundation of every business. But, more often than not, the most challenging thing about creating a successful app is not building the app, but growing a substantial user base. There are multiple variables at play in user retention. The fact that an app works perfectly does not guarantee it will have a lot of loyal users.

9 Top Security Issues with Mobile Development

Mobile security

The development of mobile apps has come a long way since the first 500 apps hit the Apple App Store in 2008. Thousands of apps are released every day with the majority of them dying as quickly as they appear. The problem? Persistent insecurity within mobile app development that has driven top-ranking apps into oblivion.

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