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EdTech Startups: To Invest, Or Not To Invest?

EdTech startup

Education development is traditionally considered the responsibility of government in all countries and when we hear the phrase "educational startups" Coursera and Udemy come to mind. However, they are not alone who improve the way we learn. There are more and more companies that try to facilitate the educational process by involving technologies.

Classroom in a Pocket? Creating a Mobile eLearning Environment

Mobile learning

eLearning has transformed modern education. Over the last fifteen years, education has gone from paper to platform and app-based, with students and teachers learning together in remarkable new ways. One of those key trends is the move away from laptops and tablets onto smartphones. Students want the convenience of a virtual classroom on a much smaller screen.

5 Ways Educational Apps Can Help Improve Students' Performance

How Educational Apps Can Help Improve Students' Performance

Smartphones and tablets are very popular among students of any age. They communicate via social networks, listen to music from online services, watch videos, read books or play games. In addition to that, the media market offers a wide variety of educational apps which may boost students' performance and prepare them for further education.

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