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Kotlin is taking the development world by storm! Designed to interoperate with Java, Kotlin enables adding new features to Java apps without a complete rewrite. Look no further than Anadea for Kotlin application development, fast and efficient.

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Kotlin advantages

Java reigns supreme in the enterprise world, with
over 70% of enterprise applications built with it. But Java apps, while powerful, can feel cumbersome to maintain.

Enter Kotlin—Java’s best friend

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Maintenance made easy

Kotlin's clean syntax can significantly improve the maintainability of your Java code. This translates to less time spent fixing bugs and more time spent innovating.

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Effortless interoperability

Kotlin, a modern language, seamlessly integrates with Java which is 30 years old! Leverage the vast library and framework ecosystem ever existed for Java in your Kotlin projects.

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A brighter

Java isn't going anywhere, but staying ahead of the curve is crucial. By incorporating Kotlin, you're ensuring your applications can adapt to evolving technologies.

Why else do businesses choose Kotlin?

Reduced costs & faster time-to-market

Kotlin's concise syntax leads to up to 50% less code compared to Java. This translates to faster development cycles for both frontend and backend, significantly reducing project costs and getting your app to market quicker.

Fewer errors

Kotlin prioritizes security and reduces errors by design. Unlike Java, many error classes are impossible in Kotlin because they're caught while writing code, not when the app runs. This leads to a smoother development experience with fewer bugs to fix and a more maintainable codebase in the long run.

Kotlin Multiplatform

The Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) technology enables cross-platform compatibility for Android, iOS, web & desktop experiences – all with a single Kotlin codebase. Reusability reduces development efforts and ensures a consistent user experience across platforms.

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Head of Sales

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Why else do businesses choose Kotlin?

Backend development with Kotlin

Power your web apps with secure & scalable Kotlin backend development, as secure and capable as Java, perfect for enterprise software development.

Why else do businesses choose Kotlin?

Kotlin application development

We build custom Kotlin applications that reflect your brand's unique voice and deliver a seamless experience across Android, iOS, desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), and web.

Why else do businesses choose Kotlin?

Kotlin consulting

Our team shares valuable insights and best practices on all aspects of Kotlin development, from crafting user interface components to performance optimization.

Why else do businesses choose Kotlin?

Migration & integration

We excel in migrating legacy applications to Kotlin and integrating third-party APIs and services, and ensuring seamless compatibility with various platforms and systems.

Why else do businesses choose Kotlin?

UI/UX app design

Our team of experienced designers crafts beautiful interfaces for your Kotlin apps that align with your brand identity and elevate user engagement.

Why else do businesses choose Kotlin?

QA & code audit

We implement a comprehensive testing suite and conduct code audits to identify potential issues, ensuring your Kotlin code adheres to best practices and uses idiomatic coding style.

Why else do businesses choose Kotlin?

Kotlin app support & maintenance

This comprehensive service includes bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements, quickly adapting to changing requirements and delivering consistent improvements to your app.

App development from scratch or audit and support of an existing solution?

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You weren’t trying to push me into a more expensive route. While almost every single person I would talk to would say the same thing — rebuild the product from scratch — you adapted. You agreed to build up based on what I already had, although it could be not the most convenient or profitable way for you.

Eric Menzel

Eric Menzel

Co-founder of ValeVPN


Being good programmers is not only a technical question but a question of understanding the end product. And that ability is in our experience very rare. This is the reason I would recommend Anadea, since they showed the ability to learn our particular and quite specialized needs, in this case publishing a newspaper.

Tino Sanandaji

Tino Sanandaji

Founder of Bulletin

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