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Redefine your backend capabilities with Anadea’s Golang development services. Join the track for jaw-dropping performance and bulletproof reliability of your application.

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Golang Development Company Golang Development Company

Redefine your backend capabilities with Anadea’s Golang development services. Join the track for jaw-dropping performance and bulletproof reliability of your application.

Why do companies choose Golang?

Major players like YouTube and Uber have strategically integrated Golang into their tech stacks. They recognize that when it comes to certain tasks, Go isn't just an option but an advantage. Though young on the scene, Go competes with long-established programming languages in many ways, namely:

Resource-efficient maintenance

Resource-efficient maintenance

Go's design promotes easy maintenance, freeing up time and resources. This efficiency allows for risk-free expansion of complex legacy systems with new fancy features, allowing your team to concentrate on innovation.

Ideal for data-intensive tasks

Ideal for data-intensive tasks

Whether it's handling geodata, IoT streams, or enormous datasets in machine learning pipelines, Go's efficiency in data processing is unparalleled.

Superior data encryption

Superior data encryption

Leverage Golang's cryptographic strengths for robust data encryption in blockchain projects. With Golang powering most of today’s blockchain solutions, trust it for secure, efficient data management.

Custom code generators

Custom code generators

Go's approach to code generation, as opposed to relying on frameworks, means you can build highly tailored solutions for your specific business needs.

Eco-friendly and cost-efficient

Eco-friendly and cost-efficient

Go's low memory consumption translates to significant savings on server costs and a reduced carbon footprint. This is particularly valuable for large-scale projects: we’re talking x100 emissions reduction.



Golang performs excellently in distributed computing environments, allowing it to gracefully handle increasing data loads. This makes it better for data layer tasks compared to many other languages.

Our Golang development services

We take Go’s advantages and multiply them, creating tailored solutions that push boundaries and exceed expectations.

Product support with Go

Anadea offers comprehensive product support services that not only focus on Go-native applications but also extend to projects initially developed in other languages. It's a common practice to transition the support layer to Golang due to its high efficiency, reliability, and easier maintenance. We ensure that such transitions are smooth and that the resulting Go-based support layer brings notable improvements in system performance and operability.

Mobile app development

Elevate your mobile experience with Anadea's Golang mobile app development service. Not only do we build robust mobile back-ends capable of high traffic volumes, but we also manage databases and implement complex business logic. Benefit from apps that are highly responsive, analytically sharp, and fortified by Go’s concurrent processing capabilities for ultimate performance.

Web app development

Immerse in the world of scalable Golang web development with Anadea. As part of our Golang web services, we develop server-side logic, API layers, and other high-performance backend components. Our approach integrates best practices for managing databases and implementing business logic to withstand high volumes of traffic. All this, with the added advantages of Go's powerful standard library, efficiency, and low latency, makes web Golang software truly stand out.

Microservices architecture

Anadea’s Go developers excel in developing microservices architectures that offer ease of scaling, fault isolation, and modular development. Go's lightweight nature makes it a preferred choice for microservices, allowing for efficient resource utilization and rapid deployment.

Golang development

Golang development consulting

Leverage our deep domain knowledge in Golang to consult on best practices, architectural decisions, and optimization strategies. The expertise of our Golang software consultants extends to diverse development frameworks and architectural paradigms. Rely on Anadea’s proven track record and skills your project needs as we are ready and willing to work on complex, long-existing projects.

Migration to Go

Considering a move to Golang? We offer end-to-end migration services that cover everything from initial assessment to final deployment. Our structured approach ensures a seamless transition with minimal operational disruptions, taking advantage of Go’s simplified codebase and performance benefits.

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Irina Lysenko Head of Sales

Irina Lysenko

Head of Sales

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Featured project: High-Load, Real-Time Transactional Platform

We're proud to showcase one of our latest project — a platform designed to handle real-time transactions at an unprecedented scale. Its architecture is optimized for cloud deployment on AWS and GCP and is built to accommodate high loads, making it a testament to Go’s ability to create high-performance, reliable, and scalable apps.

Project highlights

High-load resilience

Engineered to perform under extreme loads, this platform can effortlessly manage thousands of simultaneous transactions without a hitch.

High-load resilience

Real-time processing

With a focus on real-time data handling, the platform ensures immediate transaction processing, providing an exceptionally responsive user experience.

Real-time processing

Security focus

Not only did we employ advanced cryptographic techniques for iron-clad security of transactions, but we also successfully executed Zero Downtime Migration and optimized ETL processes.

Security focus

Scalable architecture

Built for easy scaling on AWS and GCP, the architecture maintains optimal performance as transaction volumes grow.

Scalable architecture

Hire dedicated Golang developers

Golang's momentum is undeniable — 17% of developers have used it in the past year alone. But the more popular a technology gets, the rarer truly proficient developers are becoming. Anadea is your secret weapon: with over 20 years in software development, we're the bridge between Golang's advanced capabilities and business-savvy execution. We are:

Proficient in business processes

When you work with a Golang development company, you want more than just code—you want solutions to your business challenges. At Anadea, we not only build software but also dive deeply into your goals to make the product designed to 100% support your objectives.

Masters of mainstream technologies

Each Golang programmer at Anadea has a background in “classic” programming languages, such as Java, Python, and Ruby. They truly see the innovation behind Golang and thus can leverage its potential and unique benefits to their fullest.

Knowledgeable across industries

Anadea has served over 600 businesses, having delivered as many custom-built software products for industries like Fintech, eCommerce, Enterprise, Supply Chain, eLearning, and more. So be certain, we don't assume but thoroughly understand the real challenges of your niche.


You weren’t trying to push me into a more expensive route. While almost every single person I would talk to would say the same thing — rebuild the product from scratch — you adapted. You agreed to build up based on what I already had, although it could be not the most convenient or profitable way for you.

Eric Menzel

Eric Menzel

Co-founder of ValeVPN


What really took Anadea to another level was the skill level of their engineers, but also (and perhaps more importantly) it was their level of communication. They always had time to explain things, and they didn`t just accept the specification document, they challenged it and asked questions which is what I was after.

Isaak Dury

Isaak Dury

CEO at TidyHQ

Industries we serve

Discover the diverse landscapes where Go is making waves. From fintech to eLearning, Golang's unmatched performance and scalability are setting new benchmarks across industries.

Go + AI: A powerful duo for data-intensive projects

Golang is not your typical language for Artificial Intelligence projects, but it's a powerhouse for handling vast amounts of data. The more, the better!

Go + AI: A powerful duo for data-intensive projects Go + AI: A powerful duo for data-intensive projects

Why consider Golang for data-heavy tasks

Go + AI: A powerful duo for data-intensive projects

Efficient data management

Golang excels in handling large data sets, making your Machine Learning (ML) pipeline more efficient.

Complementary skills

Go can enhance your existing ML technologies, such as Python or R, by handling data pre-processing and transformation tasks.


With Golang, you're set for scale, when dealing even with hundreds of terabytes of data. Especially with hundreds of terabytes of data!

Redefine what's possible in data management with Go + AI

Trust Anadea to guide you through this promising synergy!

Talk to AI experts Redefine what's possible in data management with Go + AI

Our process


Initial consultation

Our first step is a focused consultation where we understand your objectives, especially highlighting how our Golang services can be a game-changer for your project.


Customized quote

Based on your needs, we provide you with a customized quotation that clearly outlines costs and timelines.


Strategic planning

With your input, we develop a strategic roadmap that outlines the approach, milestones, and timelines for the service you require.


Execution phase

Then, we leverage Go to meet your objectives, and we maintain regular communication to ensure your expectations are met or even exceeded.


Quality assurance with Go standards

Before final delivery, we rigorously assess the quality of all deliverables. By adhering to Go's high coding standards, we ensure that you receive exceptional results.


Final delivery

With all quality benchmarks satisfied, we proceed to the final delivery phase, ensuring that the end product is aligned with your original requirements and optimized for peak performance.


Post-completion support

Even after your project is complete, our job isn't finished. We offer long-term support, capitalizing on Go's efficiency and maintainability to ensure your lasting success.

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