FAQ: Read It Before Signing a Contract with Software Vendor

We know what you as a client are worried about when working with third-party developers. In case any doubts and fears remain, please look through this page where we’ve gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Most of them concern our expertise and your spending, which is totally understandable. Let’s shed light on some unobvious but very important things to know.

What field do you specialize in?

Out since 2000, we’ve delivered hundreds of projects in different domains, our focus being E-learning, E-commerce, FinTech, Sports, and Real Estate software solutions. But this doesn’t mean we limit ourselves solely to these industries. In fact, from the technical point of view, the development of new projects has similar tasks and there is no big difference in integrations, APIs, requests in databases, etc. We are constantly looking for options to scale and improve, so don’t hesitate to share your idea with us.

Do you enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Information confidentiality issues are sanctum sanctorum for IT companies that create valuable software products and technical solutions. Put simply, it will be frustrating if someone illegally takes possession of the drawings of teleport or of something similar to it that you invented. The answer is yes, we enter into an NDA for our employees to keep the information secret and also take all measures so that it does not go on the side through the employees in the future.

I had a bad experience with outsourcing before. How do I know I can trust you?

  • Please check out client reviews on Clutch, where every review is verified before publication. Also, feel free to go to the Customers Stories section in which our clients share their experience of working with us.

  • You own the code, not us, both legally and physically. This is consolidated in the agreement we sign before our team takes on developing a product for you. Not we give you access to the code but you give it to us, which means we have no legal right to reuse it for any other purpose but your project.

  • The same agreement obliges us to complete work within preset time limits. Our management model allows us to release the project with no delays.

  • The Agile methodology suggests iterative development, meaning that we don’t require the whole sum of money at once. What’s delivered is what’s paid for, no exceptions.

How do you assure you stay within the set budget limits?

Again, we charge a small upfront investment suggested by the paid-on-delivery approach. It’s our goal to help you organize your budget effectively and find a way to enter the market and start earning as soon as possible. We’re interested in our partnership to become long-term and understand the price of such unpleasant surprises as sudden cost increases.

However, if during the development process you decide you want additional features to your product, the cost will inevitably change. Even in this case, we will consult you on the practicability and usefulness of these features you want or, we can suggest workarounds to fulfill your requests without changing much and exceeding the budget.

Who will work on my project?

All IT projects have one thing in common - a team that will work on it consists not only of programmers. If you are convinced otherwise, beware. And here is why.

Business Analyst

In the majority of outsourcing companies, a Business Analyst works at the initial stage, sometimes even before signing a contract. They study your requirements and goals, find out what you need, then analyze how the product should look and what functions it should have. Also, a business analyst will identify competitors in the market to ensure the stability of the product, study the target audience, participate in the writing of the technical task, if it was not provided.

Back-end Developers

A plane can be very beautiful, but without an engine, it is a pile of scrap metal, pretty but useless. The engine of your product - the kernel, as well as the entire program logic, will be created by Back-end Developers.

Team Lead

When all your requirements are identified in the work, the Team Lead who bears the responsibility for delivering the project is connected. They distribute tasks between programmers, coordinate common activities, and control the process.

Front-end Developers and UI/UX designers

They are responsible for the visual part of the product. From these guys, it will depend on whether it's convenient to use the interface of your product, and whether the application or site will look the same in all browsers and platforms.

QA Engineers

QA Engineers are engaged to check whether your product is working correctly.

As you can see, your project is a result of teamwork. For more detail, please see the Team Roles section.

How will I monitor the process?

If you are not a programmer, controlling the development team and estimating the quality of their work can be challenging for you. Fortunately, technology has made it easier. The team will keep you up with the progress thanks to daily meetings and regular demos.

We use digital boards with tasks you will have access to. You will see what has been done by a particular developer for a certain time. You can also set a team meeting at any time you want to be aware of what concerns have arisen and what are the options for solving them.

What happens when the project is completed?

Once launched, your project will grow and change, which means there is still a lot of work ahead is different from development. If within the framework of product development, all tasks are complex with deadlines, then the post-launch tasks arise at a random moment and have smaller volumes.

We at Anadea provide all kinds of post-launch support and maintenance. Of surely can transfer it to another company to support the product, however, by the time it’s out, nobody will know it better than we will. The best option here would be to entrust the post-launch support to the team that developed it and knows it from A to Z, which also provides for more effective and affordable support.

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