Agentfolio: Mobile Apps

Agentfolio: mobile apps

Today running real estate business requires more than a website capable to attract customers and process dealings. Real estate agents have to keep in touch with their potential customers 24/7. They need access to all information and business tools on the go. That's why a mobile app is a must have resource for any real estate business, whether it is a startup or an established company.

Agentfolio, a powerful collaboration platform for real estate developed by our team, involved mobile applications as an integral part of home search and negotiation process handled through it. All smart search, tracking, organizing and communication capabilities of Agentfolio were available also through its mobile apps.

Agentfolio's mobile apps

The mobile part of this project carried out by our team, included designing native mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as development of REST API for smooth interaction between mobile clients and the server.

Mobile capabilities have helped to facilitate web/desktop experience for Agentfolio users and brought real estate agents even closer to home buyers:

  • Synchronization of mobile apps with the web version via API enabled realtors to access the up-to-date property data and the client's search history directly from their mobile. This released them from the need to carry around bunches of printouts.
  • Real-time communication tools and alerts via mobile push notifications allowed all parties involved in home search to stay informed and collaborate from wherever they may be.

The design side of the mobile app development was particularly exciting as it required transmitting the elaborated workflow of Agentfolio from desktop to mobile views without losing usability and convenience. Our designers did a great job creating a clean and intuitive design for iPhone, iPad and Android applications.

Here are some mock-ups to give an idea of the overall look and feel of the app:

  • Agentfolio mobile app - about
  • Agentfolio mobile app - folios
  • Agentfolio mobile app - folio
  • Agentfolio mobile app - folio
  • Agentfolio mobile app - listing
  • Agentfolio mobile app - listing
  • Agentfolio mobile app - listing
  • Agentfolio mobile app - map
  • Agentfolio mobile app - splash

To read more about Agentfolio, its history, development team and technologies used in this project click here.


Agentfolio's mobile apps enabled realtors and home seekers to shop, collaborate and close deals from their mobile devices and all of them enjoyed this experience. Since then, mobile applications have become the standard in real estate space and no one wants to fall behind.

Having a real estate app can bring a myriad of opportunities to your business. If you are looking for an easy-to-use mobile application that your clients will love, we have experience in making this kind of apps.