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An Estonian peer-to-peer web platform for loans and investments based on the principles of responsible lending.

moneyzen platform

Story behind

MoneyZen is a financial portal from Estonia that allows its users to register as an investor or as a borrower. Investors, on the one part, decide under which conditions they want to lend a loan, and borrowers, on the other, specify the lending period and amount of money needed.

The client came to Anadea with a legacy backend, a need for modern user-friendly design, a request to simplify interaction with the platform for both parties, and a desire to attract more users willing to invest and borrow through MoneyZen.

Anadea work on

The project struggled with a lack of borrowers who completed a complex registration that suggested filling multiple forms. The Anadea team integrated the client’s legacy with Estonian governmental services to automate registration as a borrower. Now to sign up, borrowers only need to specify their national ID, and the rest is auto-filled.

Multiple integrations with governmental services require keeping the platform up with frequently changing Estonian legislation, so our team is working on MoneyZen’s consistency with relevant regulations in the field of finance. Apart from that, we redesigned the investors’ interface and improved the display of statistics in the admin panel.

moneyzen platform

Main features

Both investors and borrowers sign up using Email, Smart-ID, or Mobile-ID and transfer money between their personal bank accounts and MoneyZen virtual accounts.

For Investors

  • Creating and setting up an investment portfolio specifying terms: loan type, borrowers’ credit scores, loan period, interest rate. Based on these criteria, the MoneyZen algorithm suggests the investor to relevant loan applicants.

  • 5 credit scores of borrowers from high to low risk based on their ability to fulfill their obligations.

  • Investing on behalf of either an individual or legal body - verification of the latter is required.

  • Opportunity to sell investments to other investors in the MoneyZen platform.

For Borrowers

  • Applying for a personal loan of 500–10 000€.

  • Accepting loan offers, concluding loan agreement, and e-signing it via Mobile-ID / Smart-ID / ID Card.

  • Payment schedule.

  • The opportunity of premature repayment.

  • Interest-only period - temporary postponement of repayment when the interest is still charged.

More opportunities

  • Thanks to the integration with governmental services, borrowers’ creditworthiness is automatically verified upon their registration.

  • Interactive calculator for indicative monthly repayment and annual interest rate.

  • Various personal loan types: home, education, car, travel, consumer loans, and refinancing.

moneyzen platform

More than just a solution

Now that our team has revitalized the project with an easier registration for borrowers and a mobile-friendly UI, more users are joining MoneyZen. The platform is monetized through commission for transactions, so more users mean more revenue for the client.

Such growth inspires project founders to look into other markets and currencies: those of Cameroon, South Africa, and more. We helped the client fulfill their goals and can’t wait for more people to hear from MoneyZen.

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Services &

  • design


  • Front-end development

    Front-end development

  • Back-end development

    Back-end development

  • Business Analysis

    Business Analysis

  • Project management


Technology stack

Ruby on Rails, React


With the bank - Baltic Gateway

User verification and e-signing - Mobile-ID, Smart-ID

Collecting & auditing data on borrowers - National register

Verification of creditworthiness - Creditinfo Eesti AS

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