Outfit Creator

Unreal Engine Clothing Design Tool

Outfit Creator is a web platform for creating digital garments for characters in games that run on Unreal Engine. When building the platform, the Outfit Creator team used high-quality cameras to capture objects and clothing in the highest possible resolution, allowing users to create highly realistic 3D clothing and capture all the nuances and details of the real clothing.

Outfit Creator Outfit Creator

Web platform for game developers


High-resolution outfit creation


50% reduced cloud infrastructure costs

The client

A USA/Ukraine 3D studio Nice Pictures LLC leader and founder Andrew Vish saw a new market opportunity and contacted Anadea with his concept of Outfit Creator, the Unreal Engine clothing design tool. The Anadea team was asked to develop the web platform and integrate Outfit Creator (editor on Unreal Engine 5) which was planned to be built by the Nice Picture Team.

Andrew Vish

Andrew Vish

How it works

Outfit Creator provides game developers with a handy and intuitive tool to build creative 3D garments for game characters, adding a final line to their personality. Users can buy an outfit with credit points among available options in the store and customize it with Outfit Creator.

The purchased garments are available in the personal account where they are saved and can be easily manipulated for further sophisticated customization. Outfit Creator enables game developers and movie creators who use Unreal Engine (UE) and MetaHumans to add the created garments to their projects running on Unreal Engine 5.

How it works
Unreal engine
Unreal engine

Additional information

Unreal Engine (UE) is a video game development tool by an American video game and software developer and publisher Epic Games. Top game development companies and studios use Unreal Engine to create game products millions of fans adore around the globe. Above that, in 2023 Epic Games launched self-publishing on the Epic Games Store, enabling developers and publishers to efficiently release games, maintain their store presence directly, and reach a growing audience of over 68M monthly active users.

Anadea’s work on the project

Phase 1

MVP development

  • Investigating technical feasibility and working out a realization plan 
  • Finalizing the details of the project tasks
  • Preparing the design of the web platform
  • Creating a website for Outfit Creator integration
  • In parallel with these tasks, implementing and modifying Outfit Creator for integration with the web platform
  • Implementing billing for payments for ready-made garments in the shop
Phase 2

Integrating Outfit Creator into the web platform

  • Integration of the created web platform and Outfit Creator
  • Setting up the infrastructure for Pixel Streaming
  • Integration of Outfit Creator with the site API for exporting models
  • Implementation of billing functionality for payments for custom models created with Outfit Creator

Main features of the MVP

Public Static Pages

  • About Us
  • Help
Public Static Pages
Public Static Pages
Dynamic Sections

Dynamic Sections

  • News
  • Video Tutorials
Dynamic Sections Dynamic Sections


  • Assets and Outfits
  • Cart

Plans and Payment


Personal Account

  • Payment Information and History
  • View and Download Previously Purchased Outfits

Outfit Creator

  • Create and Customize

Admin Panel

  • Manage Shop
  • Manage News
  • Manage Tutorials Sections



Lack of ready-made cloud solutions for UE5

The Anadea team found that current cloud solutions were designed for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and weren't suitable for Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) in production. To solve this, they adapted some UE4 developments and built a new infrastructure specifically for UE5, which they can fully manage for ongoing improvements and updates.

High requirements for server power and performance

Products using Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) need powerful cloud services for stable operation. This includes servers with a graphics processing unit (GPU), which is essential for fast graphics rendering.

Ensuring high-quality and stable connection for end users

To ensure high-quality and stable video streaming, clients need a stable Internet connection. The development team set up the infrastructure so that users connect to the nearest data center server. The project also features periodic auto-saving to reduce the risk of disconnection.

Minimizing cloud expenses

To optimize the client’s cloud infrastructure spending, Andea’s DevOps engineer analyzed resource consumption and fulfilled optimization activities in the Amazon AWS account.


Optimizing architecture at the planning stage

For a 3D graphics project like Outfit Creator, using a GPU server is better for user experience and performance. GPU servers are better at tasks like rendering 3D models and processing high-quality images than regular CPU servers, but they are more expensive.

The Anadea team looked into cheaper options for GPU cloud services. We compared the costs and setup complexity with other providers. We chose Arcware, a third-party service for hosting Unreal Engine applications.

This choice saved 41% in costs for our client, costing 3 Euros (about $3.30) per hour per user, compared to $5.60 per hour with AWS services.


Switching from “small” to “micro” database instance type

The changes made it possible to use the database for free with AWS Free Tier trial possibilities. Under AWS Free Tier conditions, customers can use the product for free up to specified limits for one year from the date the account was activated. Even when the free tire trial period ends, it will still be 2 times cheaper. This saves the client 50% monthly.


Reducing resource consumption for front-end content that uses a virtual container

To spend the development budget and customer’s money rationally, we use Elastic Container Services, which is merely unused capacities that Amazon provides at a discount. This resulted in 50% savings monthly spent on a virtual container.


Removing the Nat Gateway and Private Subnets from our development and staging environment

The NAT gateway allowed our private network services to access the Internet without letting the Internet connect to them, adding extra security. This level of security isn't crucial for projects without sensitive data. We moved services to a public area and got rid of the gateway for the development phase, where we used test data. This change saves the client about $100 each month.

Cloud cost savings overview

41% savings

Switched to Arcware for GPU server hosting

50% savings

Adopted AWS Free Tier for database optimization

50% savings

Used Elastic Container Services for front-end content


Removed Nat Gateway and Private Subnets in dev/staging

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Technology stack

Based on the functional and system non-functional requirements such as server hardware requirements, Anadea's experience in implementing web platforms of various complexity, the following technology stack was selected for the Unreal Engine clothing design tool:

Back-end API

Kotlin + Spring Boot for rapid new feature implementation and excellent scalability under high load

Hosting Platform

Arcware, a third-party SaaS, for efficient Unreal Engine application hosting

Project Base

Unreal Engine 5 for Outfit Creator

Database Management

PostgreSQL for its speed, reliability, and flexibility, validated across numerous projects

Front-end Development

ReactJS for speedy creation of flexible features while easing the server-side load

Infrastructure Setup

Amazon AWS for its extensive toolset, ideal for managing complex project infrastructures

Application Deployment

Docker for streamlining the build and deployment process for the DevOps team

Future milestones

The MVP is almost ready to go live! The client is busy beta testing and collecting feedback to make it even better before launch. We're also ramping up marketing and can't wait to see this project rock the market.

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