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Still think that AI is something futuristic and expensive? We know how to make AI affordable for your business case.

More real than you think

At Anadea, we believe that DL - deep learning - is a revolutionary addition to software and apps. Our team stays up to date with the latest advancements from the brightest minds in the AI/ML/DL realm, seeking out ways to customize and integrate these cutting-edge technologies to meet your specific business needs.

Using pre-existing DL models allows us to reduce the time and cost associated with developing AI software. Our AI development services are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to tasks that were once so complicated and time-intensive, they required months to complete. Now, with machine learning development, these same tasks can be accomplished in just weeks, with far greater accuracy.

And that's only the beginning. Our team is always exploring new ways to leverage deep learning technologies to help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your goals. Ready to experience the game-changing potential of deep learning? Turn to Anadea and take your business to the next level.

You will be surprised with what neural networks are capable of and how realistic it is to apply them in your case.

Custom AI/Machine Learning Solutions

  • Self-service analytics tools

    A super-helpful tool for data analytics to perform time-consuming tasks like organizing, cleansing, and analyzing data. For business representatives, it opens doors to asking business questions in natural language, running reports, or generating analysis with no technical skills.

  • Advanced cybersecurity

    As an artificial intelligence development company, we help clients to implement AI cybersecurity solutions that predict harm from attacks. The solutions can forecast threats, prevent cyber attacks, provide a complete report and support constant security monitoring.

  • ML-powered customer service

    We build custom AI software to analyze behavioral customer data and improve customer service and their experience and help to improve every contact with a customer. It’s essential for any verticle that deals with complex customer services, from insurance, healthcare and banking, to e-commerce.

  • Forecasting

    Advanced forecasting is based on AI capabilities, such as Machine Learning (ML) forecasting algorithms, to streamline and optimize forecasting processes. Discover patterns and relationships in ways traditional forecasting systems could never do. Make faster and better decisions for your business.

  • Anomaly detection

    Anomaly detection saves lots of time and effort in finding events that don't fit normal patterns. Save time on manual anomaly detection and monitor events in real time. AI anomaly detection can be efficiently used in logistics, manufacturing, public service, and other industries.

  • Sales&Marketing optimization software

    To stay competitive, you need outside-of-the-box approaches to find and retain clients. Professional machine learning services address these challenges. Generate optimized promotional plans and pricing strategies, get accurate forecasts, track and improve customer service metrics with ease.

  • Classification

    Find, store, and analyze data effectively with professional AI solutions development. AI-powered tools help to classify data according to its type, value, or sensitivity level. Make data easy to access and search.

  • Conversational AI&Chatbots

    As a Deep Learning development company, we develop smart and capable conversational AI tools and chatbots that advance the level of human-robot interaction.

What we can do for you

  • Machine Learning Consulting Services in case you need strong advice on what ML is and how to implement it

    As an experienced machine learning consulting company, we provide consulting services on implementing ML-based solutions as well as supporting and improving current projects. We conduct Business Analysis, prepare data, development and implement ML models, support and maintain ML-based solutions.

  • Natural Language
    Processing you want to do something with text

    • Texts are used everywhere and in every business. Natural Language Processing is a separate section of Machine Learning that deals with texts. NLP is able to automate a great variety of business tasks, starting from generating texts as proficient copywriters and correcting errors to enabling accurate translation and summarising tons of texts. Discover the power of NLP with Anadea, we’ll make great solutions together!

    • Text generation tasks

    • Text classification / Sentiment analysis

    • Text summarization (including paraphrasing, text simplification, etc)

    • Chat-bots / Dialogue systems

    • Machine translation

    • Information retrieval / Semantic search

    • Language modelling

    • Relation extraction

    • Language identification

    • Cross-lingual tasks (classification / summarization / etc)

    • Error correction

    • Document ranking

  • Computer Vision you need to do something with the visual type of data

    • Images and videos are all around us, and computers are learning to see them! Computer vision, a branch of artificial intelligence, uses powerful algorithms to analyze and understand visual data. Just like humans, computer vision can identify objects, classify scenes, and even track movement. This unlocks a world of possibilities, from self-driving cars to medical diagnosis.

    • Image / Video classification

    • Image segmentation

    • Object detection

    • Facial recognition / Emotion detection

    • Activity recognition / detection / classification

    • Image generation

    • Tasks with video

  • Computer Vision/Natural Language Processing combination of approaches to text and visual types of data

    • Get the most for your custom apps and solutions on the intersection of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

    • Optical Character Recognition

    • Image-Text Retrieval (Image Captioning/ VisualQuestion-Answering)

  • Reinforcement Learning for untrivial business tasks

    • Perspectives of Reinforcement Learning are getting more and more real for businesses in the finance, economics, healthcare, education, science, and engineering verticals. Solutions with RL aim at solving problems in the complex context by applying the trial-and-error approach to identify the best action for a specific situation.

    • Create systems that are looking for patterns

  • Recommendation Systems too complicated to describe in two words, better ask us

    • Help users to improve the quality of their decisions with no need to search and analyze loads of information. Give them the best match between the input and the needed piece of information with the tools empowered with ML recommendation systems.

    • Collaborative filtering / Content-based filtering / Recommendations using Reinforcement Learning

  • Audio you need something to do with audio

    • Apply Machine Learning models dealing with audio for real business cases and custom solutions. Discover all the possibilities with Anadea.

    • Classification

    • Denoising

    • Source separation

    • Generation

  • Tabular Data you have lots of data in the form of tables, figures, databases

    • Open new opportunities to visualize the data, draw conclusions, apply Machine Learning for a deck of business cases for retail, e-commerce, medicine, banking, and fintech. Find a new way for data analysis and insights.

    • Time-series analysis

    • Fraud detection

    • Sales forecasting

    • Product failure prediction

    • Pricing

    • Credit risk evaluation

    • Customer retention / churn

    • Recommendation systems

    • Ad optimization

    • Anti-money laundering

    • Source separation

    • Resume screening

    • Sales prioritization

    • Call center routing

    • Store layout

    • Store location optimization

    • Staff scheduling

AI/ML/DL Tech Stack

  • Frameworks

    • Pytorch (Pytorch Lightning, Fastai)
    • Tensorflow/Keras
    • scikit-learn
  • Concepts

    • Supervised/Unsupervised/Semi-supervised Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Few-Shot Learning
    • Metric Learning
    • Clustering
  • Domains

    • Natural Language Processing/Understanding
    • Computer Vision
    • Audio
    • Tabular Data
    • Recommendation Systems
    • Reinforcement Learning
  • Cloud

    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Microsoft Azure
  • Toolkits

    • Core ML/Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

What sets us apart as AI Development Company

Dedicated specialists with a strong mathematical background, scientific publications, multiple Kaggle competition medals and open-source contributions.

Regular involvement of Top-1 Kaggle Grandmaster

Successful internal and external projects

Broad expertise and hands-on experience

We are not perfect, but we keep our promises

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