IT Project Description

Attracting Developers with the Perfect IT Project Description

Choosing your title

Your project's title is an opportunity to catch the eye of a developer and also an aspect of your project that can easily be overlooked if you don't make it a priority. The key here is to come up with a title that both accurately suits your project and gets attention.

Your idea

Start with a basic description of your project. Explain what you want to do and why it's important. Communicating well here is as important as your concept because you need the right person to go with your great idea.

What kind of developer?

Remember that developers generally fall into two categories: front end and back end. Front end developers create the interactive, visual part of a website that people are familiar with. Back end developers provide the functionality behind the visual. It's important that you know who you're looking for and make it clear in your description.

Project requirements

Now that you've got their attention it's time to get into details. Here you should explain how much time and resources will be needed to complete the project. It's important to be as clear as possible since these details will let the developer determine if they are able and willing to work with you. You won't know everything at this early stage, but the more details you can provide about your expectations for speed and response times the better.


"Once you have a good idea of your project requirements then you should really know how much you're willing to pay for it. The more precise you can be the better as the more vague your price range is the more likely a developer is to walk away," advises Greg Kaplan, a web developer for Academized.

Why? People don't like uncertainty and a lot of time they'll just walk away.

Get technical

If there are specific requirements you need then make sure to include them, as well as any unwanted programs or protocols. Being clear and specific about these details will save you time and money, as well as a few headaches down the road.

Workflow expectations

Give your potential developer an idea of what sort of phases and workflow will be expected of them. Keep your budget in mind when outlining your expectations for modifications. For example, if you have a modest budget it is best not to expect unlimited modifications from your developer. Time is money!

Your schedule

Be up front about when you need the work done. Will you have deadlines for certain sections of the project or just a date when you need the project finished? This kind of information will be crucial for the developer to know early on.

Writing your project description

Now that it's time to write down your description, keep in mind that the higher quality your post, the higher quality developer you will attract. Along with your project requirements, be sure to include the language, skills, and technology requirements that you are looking for in a developer. Writing does not come naturally to everyone so don't be afraid to get help; there are plenty of good sources available online. Here are some useful tools that will improve the quality of your project description:

  1. ViaWriting and Grammar Checker are both great resources that will help you ensure the grammar in your post is correct and looks professional.

  2. BoomEssays and PaperFellows are services that will proofread the job description for you and are recommended by the Huffington Post.

  3. CiteItIn can help you insert citations correctly.

  4. SimpleGrad has lots of writing tips that you may find helpful when writing your description.

  5. PhD Writers is a useful editing tool that is suggested by UKTopWriters.

  6. StateofWriting and MyWritingWay are both handy writing guides to assist you with your post.

  7. Essayroo and Assignment Help are professional writing services you may find useful.

  8. EasyWordCount is a free online service that will let you know how many words are in your project description.

When writing your description, it's best to balance brevity with clarity. Basically, you want your piece to be short and to the point while at the same time giving the details that potential developers will need to determine if the project is a good fit for them.

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Once you've made your hiring decision don't forget about the other applicants. Be respectful and reply to applications even if you won't be hiring them. If you give them feedback and thank them for applying, then in the future they may remember your professionalism and apply for projects you post ads for in the future.

Putting it all together

There's a lot to keep in mind when you're writing an IT project description. Getting the title right, communicating your ideas, scheduling and outlining your expectations properly are all important parts that will help you find the right person for the job. The actual writing process is also very important but luckily there are many tools available to help you write the perfect project description that will land you a great developer.

This is a guest post by Grace Carter. Grace is a cover letter editor at Resume Writing Service, where she helps people land perfect jobs. Also, she tutors at Australian Help and provides education assignment help for Aussie students.